How to sell cards in FootballCoin

October 20, 2022

by xfcedi

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The FootballCoin fantasy football game has been running successfully for more than six years. Since the beginning, FootballCoin has promised users full ownership over their collectible cards.

Right now, the use of football knowledge has become a valuable tool for earning crypto rewards. In this guide, we will see how easy it is to sell digital assets on the FootballCoin marketplace.

What are FootballCoin cards?

FootballCoin cards are digital assets (or NFTs) that help create the game’s fantasy-football ecosystem. Cards can represent either football players or football stadiums. The player cards are used to create a competitive team, while the stadium cards help set up contests.

Each card features a rating of 1* to 5*. This is based on the reputation, results, or awards corresponding to the player or stadium. For example, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo’s card is rated 5*. Meanwhile, a lesser-known player might be rated 1* and look to earn a higher ranking.

The cards rated 3*,4*, and 5* are issued on the FootballCoin blockchain. These can be purchased from the marketplace using XFC, the native cryptocurrency of the game.

But how can we use the marketplace to buy, sell cards, and earn a nifty profit?

What is the FootballCoin marketplace?

The FootballCoin marketplace is the one-stop solution for trading FootballCoin NFTs. All of the cards issued in the game are available here, as well as trading options for each one.

By clicking Owned in your filter tab inside the marketplace, you can see all of the cards that you currently own. All cards rated 3*and higher can be sold. Each owner gets to decide the sale value. Once an owner has been found, the XFC payment will show in the game balance.

Besides selling and buying player cards, the FootballCoin marketplace allows for other crypto transactions to take place as well. These include:

  • Buying Card Packs – these are available at select stages in a season
  • Buy/Lease Stadium cards – these allow owners to host private contests
  • Exchange cards – this feature lets users quickly exchange an unneeded card

Now that we know how the FootballCoin game works let’s see how we can see our cards.

Steps to sell cards on the FootballCoin market

FootballCoin runs on its own blockchain. Each transaction will be reflected on the network.

Here are the easy steps to selling a FootballCoin card:

1. Visit the game’s marketplace and click Exchange/Sell cards

2. Click the filter button on the right and choose Owned cards. Click on the card that you have decided to sell. Using the other filter options, you will see cards based on ranking, position, etc.

3. Click on the card, then on Market-> Buy -> Put up for sale, or

4. Click on the three dots below the card, and select My Assets -> Available -> See More -> Put up for sale

5. Once you click Put up for sale, decide on the price and the number of cards you wish to sell

6. Visit the marketplace to see that your offer has been listed. Use the Available filter button, or
Visit My Account -> My Market -> Offers

7. You receive a notification once an item is sold. Furthermore, your XFC balance will change

8. Use XFC cryptocurrency inside of the game to improve your collection, enter private contests, etc. Additionally, you can sell your XFC on a crypto exchange. Here’s how you can sell XFC on the WhiteBit exchange.

Leasing and auctioning cards

Buying and selling are not the only ways of trading cards. You can lease out your cards for a limited period of time. You receive XFC for every lease. The card will return to your possession in either seven days or after one contest.

Furthermore, you can put your cards up for auction. When you do so, users can bid on the card for a set period of time.

Earn a profit through your card collection

Building a solid collection of FotballCoin cards can be profitable. These digital assets can not only bring you points and prizes in contests. They also earn you XFC crypto. This is tradable for real money. All you need to do is lease your cards or sell them on the FootballCoin marketplace.

FootballCoin was a pioneering play-to-earn game in which users genuinely own what they collect. The game’s mission has remained the same. By using your football knowledge and developing a strong strategy, you can win real prizes.

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