FootballCoin users rewarded with Gold

June 01, 2021

by xfcedi

FootballCoin Gold

FootballCoin is making new strides to incentivize game users on a daily basis. Starting today each manager’s account will include a new feature known as “Gold”. As we will see here, the Gold is a reward that can be won & used in a variety of ways in FootballCoin.

What is Gold in FootballCoin?

The feature referenced as “Gold” is an additional reward in FootballCoin, besides XFC won in fantasy football contests.

Gold is offered to users based on their past performances, and as an incentive to complete certain tasks in the game.

Unlike XFC, FootballCoin’s own cryptocurrency, Gold is not listed on the blockchain. It does, however, appear in each user’s account and will increase or diminish based on their activity.

Gold can also be purchased from the game using XFC.

Initial Gold distribution

Gold is offered in FootballCoin both as a way to reward users, and as a means to make the entire gaming experience more enjoyable.

On June 1st 2021, FootballCoin will distribute gold to users based on their performances in the game so far.

Each user is to receive 50.000 Gold units + Their number of total points in FootballCoin.

Here is a look at how the FootballCoin Leaderboard is calculated. You can see the total points number when searching for your game profile.

What can Gold pe used for?

Gold will help ease a number of in-game transactions and, also, reward managers for achieving certain goals.

At the moment the main uses of Gold are the following:

Gold can be used to lease out players ranked 2* in FootballCoin.
The card will be leased out for an entire season. Generally, each year consists of two seasons: January 1st – July 31st, July 1st – December 31st. (Small changes in the calendar may appear as a result of including the World Cup or European Championship in FootballCoin)

Gold can be won on the Spin & Win feature.
Each user can use the feature for free once every day. Each new use costs 100 Gold. The Spin & Win randomly provides rewards in the form of FootballCoin cards and additional Gold rewards.

How is Gold won at the Spin & Win?

Gold and 2* player cards are awarded at the Spin & Win based with the following frequency:

  • 2* player card = very often
  • 100 gold = often
  • 250 gold = often
  • 500 gold = rare
  • 1000 gold = rare
  • 2500 gold = very rare
  • 5000 gold = extremely rare
  • 10000 gold = extremely rare

When can managers start using Gold?

Gold will be distributed to all FootballCoin users on June 1st, 2021. The full feature becomes available shortly and compliments a number of updates and improvements to the platform. Most of these will be made available during Euro 2020. FootballCoin will host fantasy football contests to coincide with all of the matches being played in the competition.

Furthermore, additional challenges will begin being introduced. Users who complete these will be rewarded with Gold.

Want to start earning Gold and XFC right now? Head over to the FootballCoin website, register for free, and become a fantasy football ace.

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