Euro 2020 NFTs

May 25, 2021

by xfcedi

Euro 2020 - NFT cards

FootballCoin is thrilled to be hosting fantasy football contests to coincide with all of the matches in the UEFA Euro 2020. Users will have the opportunity to win real prizes while using free cards and NFT collectible cards of the best players taking part in the European Championship.

In the following article, we will look at the impact NFTs have had in 2021, what they are and how FootballCoin has successfully integrated them for the past four years. We will also look at the future of fantasy football. We will see just how FootballCoin plans to update and improve ahead of the European Championship.

What is an NFT?

You might have heard the term “NFT” floating around. It is, after all, one of the buzzwords of the last year. While the popularity of NFTs and crypto is sky-rocketing, FootballCoin has been utilizing this technology for more than four years.

NFT stands Non-fungible token. These are unique tokens that exist solely in digital form. They can only be issued once, or in a broader sense, exist in a limited supply. In this way, they are different from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin. Each BTC is the same, while each NFT is unique and rare. Popular examples of NFTs are works of art transcribed to digital form or fantasy football cards like the ones used in FootballCoin.

NFTs play on the human desire to create collections of rare items. Examples of this are numerous. Unique stamps, old baseball cards, or out of print vinyl records all have a market on which they are traded for large sums of money.

The NFT is an extension of this, one that reflects our vibrant, digital age. Besides the rarity, and ownership of these digital tokens, it is important to consider its utility. Is the NFT card you are purchasing useful for anything? In FootballCoin, the NFT player and stadium cards are directly linked to the functionality of the game. As we will see, these can be used, traded, leased, etc. The FootballCoin NFTs have a clear purpose and can be used like any other item of value that one might own.

How does FootballCoin bring NFTs to Euro 2020?

The European Football Championship is one of the greatest events in the world of sport. Expectations for the tournament are always high. This time around, its importance is only increased by the necessary delay of one year that was due to the international health crisis.

Yes, Euro 2020 will actually take place in 2021. For reasons related to copyrighting and to the preparation work that had already been made by the time the delay announcement had been made, organizers opted to keep the competitions’ original moniker.

The qualifying rounds having been played, Euro 2020 will include 24 European national teams. They are divided into six groups. Excitingly, the matches are played across the continent in locations as diverse as Rome, Baku, or Bucharest. The two teams to reach the final of the competition will meet on the 11th of July in London.

Each match in the competition promises to be a compelling affair. FootballCoin will include every single match of the Euro 2020 in its official roster of fantasy football contests. Users will also be able to host their private contests. Not only that, but improvements and updates to the game will be included to coincide with the highly touted sporting event.

FootballCoin’s NFT player and stadium cards can be used within these contests. This simply means that the continent’s premier players are represented in the form of digital tokens that have been issued in a limited amount. Owners of these cards have been able to utilize them in contests representing domestic leagues (Premier League, La Liga, etc.) throughout the season. This summer it’s time for them to shine on an even brighter stage, that of Euro 2020.

FootballCoin also has plans to release brand new NFT player packs. These will include top players representing their nations in the competition. Upon acquisition, users will receive a mystery selection of cards from a list that will be announced prior. The cards received in the pack will enter the ownership of the user upon purchase and they will be able to use in contests, sell the cards, lease them, etc. Each of these actions has the potential to offer users a desirable profit.

Brief history of the European Championship

The European Championship, or the Euro, is the most prestigious continental competition for national football teams. The tournament got its start in 1960, three decades after the premier World Cup tournament, although it had been proposed as early as the 1920s

The 1960 Euro could be considered a mere test run as it hosted only four teams. Seventeen national teams took part in the qualification stage. It was won by the Soviet Union. The four-team format was kept for the next 20 years. Only in 1980 did it expand to eight teams. Later, in 1996 to a 16 team format with which modern football fans might be most familiar.

The most recent expansion, the won that Euro 2020 falls under, has 24 teams battling for the Henri Delaunay Trophy, named after the first General Secretary of UEFA. The trophy itself has also gone through a series of modifications over the years.

Most succesful teams in the European championship

Although the Euro has always been open to surprises, predictably, the continent’s traditionally strongest sides have performed best across the history of the competition.

This is why Germany and Spain share the title of “most succesful teams in the European championships“. Both have won it three times each. Germany has, however, also ended as runners-up on three occasions, while Spain reached the final in 1984, but lost to France. Speaking of which, the current World champions, have won the trophy on two occasions.

The list of winners also includes a few notable surprises. Italy, Denmark, and the Netherlands, in spite of their great reputation, have only come out winners on one occasion each. Meanwhile, teams like Greece and Denmark, have also won the trophy, in two of the most unexpected results in modern football history. Yugoslavia, who lined up a very strong team during the 1960s, managed to reach the final twice but failed to win on both occasions.

Euro 2020 will actually take part during the summer of 2021. This comes as a result of the delay opted for by UEFA as an emergency measure taken during the pandemic. Fifty-five teams took part in the qualification process. Twenty-four of these made it to the final tournament which will be held in 11 different cities.

The public infatuation with football, blockchain technology and NFT collectibles

Football (soccer), blockchain tech, and the NFTs have all been on the minds of millions of people across the world in recent years. The one project that successfully creates a merger between all of these elements in FootballCoin.

The potential for all of the elements mentioned previously is immense. Football is the most popular sport across the world by a large margin. It is estimated that the sport has over 4 billion followers worldwide, more than cricket, hockey, or tennis.

Blockchain has proven one of the most revolutionary technologies of recent decades. The technology is being implemented across numerous industries, with some of the world’s biggest companies investing in it over the past few years.

NFT collectibles are an extension of the public’s interest for blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. In 2021, practically every news network in the world shared stories about the immense popularity of NFTs. Some of them sold for millions of Euros, and a large market was created by the public’s demand for these digital collectibles.

FootballCoin makes use of highly efficient blockchain technology to operate its complex fantasy football ecosystem. Many of the cards being used in the match are NFTs are easily tradable on the FootballCoin market.

FootballCoin is bridging the gap between sports and crypto

With the tremendous potential of these cutting-edge technologies, as well as the ever-growing appeal of professional football, it’s important that they be brought together in a constructive manner. FootballCoin is the premier project to have done this. Started over four years ago, the project introduced the concept of NFTs used in a fantasy football game. Also, they were among the first to introduce an entirely crypto-powered game.

Not only this but from the very beginning, FootbalCoin was run with a strong economic concept in mind. This allowed for an entire ecosystem to be developed naturally. The users act as participants who organically drive the demand for XFC, player and stadium cards, contest entry fees, etc.

The lifeblood of FootballCoin is its cryptocurrency, XFC. All of the trades, rewards, entries into private contests, etc. are represented through XFC. FootballCoin allows its users to win real prizes, taking advantage of the XFC prizes being offered. XFC can be used like any other major cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, and can be traded on a crypto exchange, stored, gifted, etc. This makes the FootballCoin contests a highly dynamic and competitive medium.

What FootballCoin does differently

FootballCoin is the most complex game of online fantasy football. Besides, it has also acted as a pathfinder in the crypto-world looking to provide a connection between professional sports and blockchain technology.

The project introduced NFT collectible cards more than four years ago. As opposed to numerous other projects these NFTs have a real utility within the economy of the game. Furthermore, the FootballCoin marketplace allows users to interact and come to agreements about the sale or lease of cards.

FootballCoin is not only a fantasy football game in the classic sense, similar to Fantacalcio, for example. The game itself can be approached in a variety of different ways. Users can take on the role of manager, scout, contest organizer, etc., and earn XFC rewards. Managers all compete using the same complex scoring system.

Lastly, and very importantly, FootballCoin has been improved and updated numerous times since its inception. While many other projects have either disappeared, or have not embraced changes, this has not been the case with this project. The FootballCoin platform has gone through several changes all of which have included important modifications and improvements.

The NFT hype and NFT FOMO

NFT” has been one of the buzzwords of 2020 and 2021. A lot of this is due to the sale price of NFTs in auctions and on various websites. Featuring visuals, audio, or game tokens, NFTs have been known to command impressive sums of money.

The possible rewards have also made many, previously unfamiliar with the cryptoworld, join in hoping to take advantage of these opportunities. While this is exciting new territory for many, it is best to also focus on the long-term results of investing in NFTs.

FootballCoin NFTs may be a good investment because they have a real utility within a thriving economic ecosystem. These NFT cards will also be used for the fantasy football contests focused on Euro 2020.

Users will be able to purchase packs of NFTs of players active in the European Championship. The packs will be divided based on 3, 4, and 5* ranking. The NFTs can be used in fantasy contests, but will, naturally, remain available for use outside of the competition.

How Euro 2020 will be brought to FootballCoin

FootballCoin will host public contests to coincide with every single game held at Euro 2020. Prizes for top managers will also be higher than the ones offered throughout the regular football season.

Not only that, but users will be able to host their very own private contests. For these, they will be able to determine the entry fee and the matches being included. Points won in both private and free contests count towards the leaderboard. The position in the leaderboard will also bring users exciting prizes.

Furthermore, FootballCoin is introducing a number of improvements and new features. The player profile, the market UI/UX, the referral system will all receive a makeover. Also, FootballCoin introduces Gold and the Spin & Win, elements that should keep users active in the game on a daily basis.

How to win money while watching the Euro 2020?

Much of the world will watch matches from the European Championship. If you are reading this article, chances are that you are one of those people. Since football is your passion, why not get rewarded for it.

FootballCoin is a free-to-play game that rewards fantasy managers. Prizes are offered immediately after the completion of a tournament. Prizes are expressed in XFC, the official cryptocurrency of the game.

XFC can immediately be traded into real fiat on one of the platforms that host the coin. Also, XFC can be used inside of the game to purchase new NFTs, join contests, purchase stadium cards, etc.

How to start winning XFC and how to buy NFT cards for the Euro

FootballCoin has made the process of winning XFC and purchasing NFT cards as siple as possible. Register for free and create your fantasy drafts for contests in the game. If your draft earns enough points to place it among the top participants, you will immediately be awarded XFC.

You can use these XFC to purchase rare NFT cards from the FootballCoin game. Also, you may choose to directly purchase XFC from the platform, using the Indacoin service, and use these power your NFT purchases.

The European Championship is one of the greatest moments in professional sports. FootballCoin is excited to be sharing this with you. Join FootballCoin now and start winning XFC cryptocurrency and NFT collectible cards right away.

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