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Everything you need to know before entering the FootballCoin contests. Sign up, play and win!

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Here's the place where your passion for football and qualities as a football manager will reward you. Here you can take part in the story of the world's biggest football leagues, based on your philosophy of football. Here you can wear your manager's jacket, choosing your ideal squads out of the 11 international leagues made available in FootballCoin. Now you can design your own tactics, choose from our roster of players, and win real prizes.

Come and take a tour of our platform. You will see just how easy it is to win with FootballCoin and how interactive this game is.


Sign up!

Treat your manager role seriously right after you hit the “Sign up” button.
Register in the next window, seeing this as a way to warm up before the big games.

Once you set up your account details, every time you access the website you can hit the “Login” button and then your footballing adventure, seen and controlled from the bench, can begin!

Keep in your mind that in order to sign up you don't have to pay anything and there is no subscription fee. That's because FootballCoin is built with fantasy football enthusiasts in mind.


Enter the FootballCoin contest

Every hour of every day, under the section "Contests" you'll find all the available contests from our platform. They all have a stake, so you can win prizes that consist of the game's own cryptocurrency, XFC. The contests are created by FootballCoin, or by other users and you can join with your team. You can choose your contests by different criteria.

Keep in your mind that in order to sign up you don't have to pay anything. There is no subscription fee. That's because FootballCoin is built to cater to true football fans.

Fantasy football is a type of game in which users are judged based on the football squad that they create. This draft earns a total number of points through the real-life performances of the football players that compromise it. This makes it a game of skill. Simply put, the football fans with the greatest amount of know-how are set to win prizes in FootballCoin.

The platform hosts daily fantasy contests. They include the world's top leagues and competitions. This makes it easy to follow your favorite leagues and to win prizes daily.

You can join contests that are:

  • Free or Private/Paid (If you choose the Paid option, you must pay that contest's entry fee);

  • Easy or Pro (the difference between these two consists of the system used to award points to players. The Pro mode takes into account more variables);

  • Depending on the length (you can choose a contest that lasts for a single day or multiple days. For example, contests representing a game-week will require 2-3 days to be completed).

Depending of the number of participants: H2H (Head-to-Head); Double-Up (45% of the players will split the rewards evenly-double their entry fee) and Tournament.

Here's an example of a free tournament, with an unlimited number of managers. Up until the screenshot was made, 878 managers joined the contest, the reward rising up to 10,800 XFC.

Typically, there are hundreds or thousands of users who enter public contests. For these, there are normally tens of thousands of XFC offered as prizes.

One of the game's greatest features is the possibility join multiple contests at once. This helps you enhance your chances of winning!

Also, another highlight is that you can enter and win prizes in free contests. Prizes are expressed in the game's cryptocurrency, XFC. The coin sits at the heart of the FootballCoin ecosystem. With it, you can buy valuable player cards, enter private contests, lease cards etc. The game gives users the opportunity to choose from a variety of strategies. Each one of these can help you move ahead in the FootballCoin rankings, and win cryptocurrency prizes.


Pick your team

Pick your formation

Choose your favorite formation for your team, then hit the "Plus" symbol on every red, green, blue and purple card on the field. Each color represents a different area of your team. After you hit "Plus", you'll be shown a list of all the available players for that position, from the contest in which you're taking part.

Pick a team from players ranked 1* to 5*:

  • 1* - free players;

  • 2* - players earned at the Spin & Win;

  • 3* - 5* - players bought in FootballCoin packs, or purchased or leased from other users with the XFC cryptocurrency.

Pick your first 11

After you've chosen your desired contest, it's time for you to build your squad, based on your footballing knowledge. Your understanding of the leagues, clubs, and players that you can find on the FootballCoin lists will massively help your chances.

At any time, you can check if the players you wish to use are fit and free to pick. You can also check the number of points they've accrued in the last game-week, or throughout the season. You can check this from within the contest or in the section "Live & Stats". Points for each player are based on their real-life performances making this a game of skill that rewards the fantasy football experts who posses the greatest strategies.

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