FootballCoin is a fantasy football game that includes the world’s best football leagues. Gamers prove their skill by creating a fantasy football draft using the game’s collectible trading card system. The player cards score points based on their real-life performances. The drafts that accrue the highest number of points, win. For more information, check out the Game Rules.

Managers get to choose their ultimate starting line-up (eleven starting players plus substitutes) from the list of available cards. The list is displayed when joining a contest. Similarly, gamers can create their own contests by using an available stadium card. This provides them with the right to host a contest. The entry size for the contest is based on the rating of the stadium. 

FootballCoin is a fantasy football game of skill. The player cards selected for each draft receive points based on the scoring system. Each point is added/deducted for a positive/negative event that occurs in the real-life game (goals, assists, successful/failed passes, yellow/red cards). Each manager gets to opt for their own strategy. The team that accrues the highest number of points is the contest winner.   For more information, check out FootballCoin's Scoring System.

In order to use all of the functionalities of the platform, make sure that you provide confirmation to the e-mail that you receive when signing up. 

FootballCoin hosts both free and paid contests. Both offer rewards in terms of points and XFC. Users can also create their own private contests based on the ownership of a stadium card. 

No, FootballCoin is a free game using a play-to-earn model. Stadium cards are used to organize contests. Registered users can choose a free, 2* stadium card to organize a contest. This will have an entry size of up to 11 users. However, higher-rated cards can host larger contests and provide better rewards to the organizer. The cards rated 3*, 4* and 5* must be purchased from the game market.

You can choose the FootballCoin user name when first registering for the game. You will need to provide this, or your e-mail, as well as your password whenever you log in. You can also add a 2-Step Verification process to further protect your account. In the unfortunate event that you’ve lost/misplaced your account information, please send a request to Our team of technicians will attempt to quickly provide assistance.

Any user can set up a private contest. To start, they will require a FootballCoin stadium card. When setting up a contest, a user can choose the matches featured in the contest and the entry fee. The number of participants and reward received by the organizer vary based on the card's ranking:

Stadium ranking

Free stadium, 1* card
  • head-to-head, 2 participants
  • the organizer doesn't receive an extra reward
Free stadium, 2* card
  • can have a maximum of 11 participants in the contest;
  • the organizer doesn't receive an extra reward
Stadium ranked 3 *
  • can have a maximum of 55 participants in the contest;
  • the organizer receives 3% of the total prize pool
Stadium ranked 4 *
  • can have a maximum of 110 participants in the contest;
  • the organizer receives 4% of the total prize pool
Stadium ranked 5 *
  • can have an unlimited number of participants in the contest.
  • the organizer receives 5% of the total prize pool

Collectible cards are issued on FootballCoin’s own blockchain in a limited number. The total supply is available on the FootballCoin market. Purchasing them gives them complete ownership over the asset. The card can be used across numerous seasons, and its ranking (from 3* to 5*) will never decrease.

The collectible cards are the 3*, 4* and 5* player and stadium cards. These are issued on the FootballCoin blockchain.  The 3* 4* and 5* player cards rank is based on performance, trophies won, and the player's transfer value. The ranking can increase over time. It can never decrease. For example, a 3* player can one day be ranked 5*.

Player cards can be used in all contests where the player’s current team is present. If not used, users can lease their cards in exchange for XFC (a system similar to staking) or sell, auction, and exchange them.

Stadium cards ranked 3*, 4*, and 5* are issued on the blockchain. These cards are used to set up private FootballCoin contests.
  • The 3* cards can be used to organize contests for up 55 users. The organizer receives 3% of the total stake.
  • The 4*  cards are used to organize contests for up 110 users. The organizer receives 4% of the total stake.
  • The 5*  cards are used to organize contests for an unlimited number of users. The organizer receives 5% of the total stake.

FootballCoin lists all available players according to the positions of Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF), and Forward (FW). The game offers the option of choosing your tactics based on different team formations (e.g. 1-4-4-2, 1-4-3-3, etc.). Opting for a type of formation is part of each user’s strategy.

Players that retire from professional football or are transferred to a league not featured in the FootballCoin game, will become Assistant Managers in the game. This means they will automatically score points for your draft when chosen for the Assistant Manager role.

The Assistant Manager card is an additional card that automatically provides your draft with points. The number of points depends on the rating of the card. For example, a 5* rated card will score 15 points in a contest in which it is chosen. Assistant Managers cards are made up of players older than 35, retired players, or players that have transferred to a football league that is not available in FootballCoin at this stage.

The 3*, 4*, and 5* player cards can be leased for a fee. Once leased, they can be used for one week or one game, whichever comes first. As soon as the card has been used or the period has ended, it will return to the possession of the original owner. These cards are issued on the FootballCoin blockchain, unlike the 1* and 2* cards. They can also be purchased using XFC cryptocurrency. Once purchased, they become the property of the buyer.

No. If a card has been issued for lease, it cannot be added into a contest by the owner. Once the card is returned and is not listed on the market, it can be added to contests.

Cards ranked 2* are not issued on the blockchain. These cards can be leased using a separate, in-game currency known as GOLD. GOLD can be earned in exchange for various tasks, such as using the Spin & Win (available on the game’s home page).

These cards are leased for 6 months (January to June and July to December). Once this period is over, the card has to be leased again using GOLD currency.

No. The players ranked 1* are free to use by all FootballCoin users. These cards are also not listed on the blockchain.

The player and stadium cards ranked 3*, 4*, and 5* are issued on the FootballCoin blockchain. The 1* and 2* are not issued on the blockchain.

FootballCoin stadium cards are leased, and traded just the same as player cards. The 3*, 4* and 5* rated cards are available on the FootballCoin marketplace. When leased they can be used for one week, or for setting up one contest.

The 1* and 2* stadium cards are free to use by any FootballCoin users.

XFC is the native cryptocurrency within the FootballCoin ecosystem. XFC is a digital currency based on and making use of the blockchain infrastructure. It functions on FootballCoin's own blockchain. 

XFC, the game currency, can be used to pay entry fees, purchase player/stadium cards, products, and services, for speculative transactions, and can be exchanged for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

All of the events available in FootballCoin are shown on the  You can enter as many contests as you like to increase your winning chances. Each contest is accompanied by info about the matches, start time, or prizes.

Yes, multiple cards of the same player can be owned by the same manager. He will be able to use only one card per team/contest.

Yes, FootballCoin allows users to exchange unneeded player cards for random collectible cards. This feature can be found in the Game Market section and costs 10 XFC for 3* cards and 50 XFC for 4* cards.   

Gold is a secondary in-game currency in FootballCoin. It should not be confused with XFC. Gold can be earned for performing daily tasks, and it can be used to complete various actions such as leasing 2* players for the entirety of a game season. (Note that a full football calendar year includes 2 FootballCoin game seasons). Gold can also be purchased directly from the game using XFC. Gold, however, cannot be converted into XFC.

The FootballCoin game and all technology associated with XFC currency offer a high degree of security.

FootballCoin is a strategy game based on the skill of the participants, 100% legal with 100% licensed images and data.

Managers will be scored according to the points earned by their team's roster consisting of  11 players, 1 Assistant Manager, and 4 substitute players. The points reflect the players’ performances in real football games.  The game features two modes, Easy and Pro. The Pro mode includes a higher number of variables. See the scoring system for more information.

Substitutes receive half of the points of a starting player. This means that they receive 50% of the points they have accrued through the scoring system. Each FootballCoin team includes one substitute for each position (GK, DF, MF, FW), one Assistant Manager and 11 starting players.

The team's roster will need to be chosen based on the team's tactics and the formation, according to Game rules.

Yes, multiple cards of the same player can be owned by the same manager. Each card is unique and listed on the FootballCoin blockchain. Only one card representing a player can be per team/contest (e.g. you cannot use two cards of Bruno Fernandes in the same contest). 

Besides using the cards in contests and getting involved in the game’s market, users can choose to lease, auction, or exchange their cards. They may also choose to buy packs of cards corresponding to some of the best leagues featured in the game.

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