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General Questions

FootballCoin is the game! It is the #1 Fantasy Football Manager game with collectible trading cards developed on the Bitcoin blockchain. FootballCoin allows you to act like a real football manager, follow player performances, transfer them, create the team, participate in competitions and win prizes.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, making it’s debut in 2009. At the same time it’s an innovative network of payments using peer-to-peer technology, where transactions or issuance of new Bitcoin is done collectively by the members of the network. Bitcoin is open source, public, is not under the control of any government, central authority or bank and anybody can take part in its development. It represents the future of the world financial system.

Blockchain is a database distributed on millions of computers around the world, which registers transactions between parties. Registering and verifying the transactions is done through data blocks so that the transactions can not be modified later. It is a completely transparent process allowing participants to verify and instantly audit all transactions.

All data, information and images used in the game are 100% licensed and we have copyright ownership over them. They are provided to us by our partners, leading companies in this industry on a global level: Sportradar, Perform Group, Omnisport, Reuters and Getty Images.

All statistics, information, data of player performances and data concerning competitions, matches, teams and players are made available in real- time, using the most advanced technologies , by Sportradar, our game partner. These are the same data that is offered to media outlets, betting sites and other renowned games

Registering to the game is free, anyone can register and play the game. Also, the game hosts many free to play competitions which offer prizes. The majority of player/stadium cards are also free.

Personal data is not required upon registration. You only need a valid e-mail address, a username and to list your country (to be able to benefit from promotions created in the local community).
Also, the Bitcoin wallet – compatible with the Counterparty platform, needed to hold your XFCCOIN or tokens for player/stadium cards, benefit from the anonymity offered by Bitcoin.

FootballCoin aims to merge the best aspects of collectible trading card games with those of Football Manager games. It is a strategy game that is based entirely on the skill of the participants.

Choosing the team and stadium

Football Managers can choose to own free player cards or cards with a featured value (players with a higher rating). The player cards are chosen from the available FootballCoin list.

Similarly, football managers can choose to own free stadium cards or cards with a featured value (stadiums with a higher rating). The stadium cards are also chosen from the available FootballCoin list.

Stadium card ownership

Game managers can own free stadium cards and stadium cards with a featured value. However, ownership  of cards that are bought at a certain price will bring several benefits.

There are free stadiums and stadiums with a featured value (see Stadium Distribution). Higher rated stadium cards can increase the opportunities to earn prizes .

Player card ownership

FootballCoin is free to play and the vast majority of cards are free. However, higher rated players are featured on cards with listed value and will need to be purchased and may help you in becoming a top football manager in the game.

Yes, multiple cards of the same player can be owned by the same football manager. He will be able to use only one card per team/competition.

Contest entry and team edits

You have the option to choose between a free or paid contest. You can also create a private contest based on ownership of a stadium card.

Yes, but only if a league is open, has not started, and is not “head-to-head.” Some contests may specify that cancellations are not allowed.

We reserve the right to cancel contests at our discretion, without any restrictions. This would be done only in cases where we believe there would be a widespread impact on the integrity of contests due to problems with the site or events impacting the sporting events.

Contest entries will close 15 minutes before the start of the first game included in the contest. You can edit your roster as a football manager for as many times as you like before the contest closing time.

Login and registering to competitions

The FootballCoin game hosts Matchday, Daily, and Weekly contests across a variety of professional football leagues and tournaments. There are only a few steps to login and register for the competitions.

In the FootballCoin economy stadium card owners play the role of Competition Managers and can organize their own competitions according to the ranking of the stadium they own.

Any user name can be chosen provided it has not been used before. If that is the case, the system will notify you that your initial choice needs to be modified. Choosing your user name is the first step in becoming a football manager in the game.

If you have lost the login information the system will permit you to send a link to your e-mail. Using the link and following the steps, you will be able to retrieve your account.


The FootballCoin economy is developed along the XFCCOIN currency, a digital token based on and making use of the blockchain infrastructure.

– XFCCOIN can be obtained in the following ways:

  • participating in freely organized competitions and winning prizes as a football manager;
  • participating in the promotions organized by the site through social media, and winning prizes;
  • exchanging Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies over exchange services ;
  • purchasing XFCCOIN coupons through our official stores, using card payments through convertible currency such as USD/EUR/GBP etc.;
  • purchasing in the pre-sale period or purchasing using Bitcoin at a discounted price to our swapbots that will be announced .

Yes. XFCCOIN could have been purchased during the ICO period. Additional details regarding the way in which the currency can be purchased will be announced on the official web site.

Once the currency is in the FootballCoin wallet or inside the game, you will automatically be able to use it will activities associated with the XFCCOIN.

XFCOIN was available for sale in the Initial Coin Offering period. Currently, the currency is not available for sale. FootballCoin will offer updates regarding the availability of the currency on exchange services as soon as those become available.

To add additional XFCCOIN currency you will need a Bitcoin digital wallet based on the Counterparty platform. The address used to register the transfer must be the same used on your profile!

You cannot transfer XFCCOIN purchased on an exchange directly into your account!
If you purchase XFCCOIN coupons from our official stores, they will automatically be transferred to your game account.

You can withdraw XFCCOIN from the game only towards your digital wallet and only at the address you have registered on your profile (as an added security measure). From your digital wallet you can then transfer XFCCOIN to wherever you wish.

You will be able to withdraw XFCCOIN from the game only towards your digital wallet and only at the address you have registered on your profile (as an added security measure). From your digital wallet you can then transfer XFCCOIN to wherever you wish.

Additional details regarding this option will be announced soon.

In the beginning, to exchange XFCCOIN for USD or another fiat currency you will need to use the crypto-currency exchange services. Details regarding this will soon be announced.

Starting with the 2017-2018 season, we plan for users to be able to own a Visa/Mastercard debit card, in physical or virtual format, where trading can be done instantly. You can use these cards for online payments, POS or ATM withdrawals. Issuing will be part of the terms and conditions decided upon by the financial institution issuing the cards (our partner).

To purchase player/stadium cards a you will need to own a digital Bitcoin wallet based on the Counterparty platform. You can make the card purchase directly to your wallet (containing its own, secure exchange service), at market value. Your wallet has to contain the amount neccessary for the purchase of that card.

The taxes incurred are the ones specific to the Bitcoin network, used to maintain the network’s security. These taxes vary and are based on the level at which the blocks are used. No further tax is incurred when performing these transfers.

When making transactions in the FootballCoin game, there will be no taxes associated with these.

The purchased player/stadium cards are not transferred to the game!  Those are kept in the digital wallet. The game automatically identifies the player/stadium cards owned by an address. It is important that the public address of the wallet in which you keep the cards, be the same address as the one listed to your profile!

The assets owned inside the game can be transferred outside of the game and should incur the regular blockchain taxes.

Your wallet will automatically contain the option of choosing the token you wish to put on sale. Simply choose the sum you wish to receive and then choose the “sell” option. The card will then be listed on the market and can be viewed by potential buyers in their own wallets.

XFCCOIN (XFC), the game currency, can be used to pay entry fees, purchase player/stadium cards, products and services, speculative transactions, exchanged for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The lobby is where you can find all the contests offered on FootballCoin every day. You have the possibility to enter as many contests as you like to increase your winning chances.

Rules and scoring

Football managers will be scored according to the points earned by their team’s roster consisting of  11 players , 1 Assistant Manager and 4 reserve players.

FootballCoin lists all available players according to the positions of: : Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF) and Forward (FW).

Yes, the game offers the option of choosing your tactics based on  different team formations (e.g. 1-4-4-2, 1-4-3-3 etc.) and allows your decision to be like that of a real football manager.

The team’s roster will need to be chosen based on the team’s tactics and formation and according to the game rules (see “Game rules” page).

Players that retire from professional football or are transferred to a league not featured in the FootballCoin game, will become Assistant Managers in the game.

During each game we provide live statistics and we receive final stats at the end of the game. In the unlikely event that the  provider revises their statistics, the contestant’s scores will not be updated.

Security and safety

The XFCCOIN and the Bitcoin digital wallet use technology that offers a high degree of security.

FootballCoin is  a strategy game based on the skill of the participants, 100% legal with 100% licensed images and data.



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