What is XFC?

XFC(FootballCoin) is a digital asset(token) acting as in-game currency.

XFC were issued in a limited supply of 1 bilion on Counterparty platform (a Bitcoin-blockchain based platform).A limited number issuance of coin offers to XFC an important potential to increase in value, based on the evolution of the number of participants in the game.

XFC is freely transferable between players in and outside of the game.

XFC can be:

  • traded on FootballCoin’s own exchange service “Digital Tokens”, developed using Multichain technology;
  • exchanged in fiat, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in in FootballCoin’s exchange service “Digital Tokens” (xfc exchanges);
  • used in the game to pay the entry fee in the contests;
  • used to purchase blockchain-based cards: football player cards and stadium cards;


Visit XFCcoin.io for more details