How to withdraw XFC to exchange and cash out

September 28, 2022

by xfcedi

Winning XFC crypto prizes can be done by any skilled user of FootballCoin. While the currency can be used in the game, new crypto users also wish to know how to cash out their rewards quickly. This guide will examine the simple steps required to withdraw your XFC earnings to an exchange.

Withdrawing XFC from FootballCoin

Let’s go over the steps required to cash out XFC coins from the game to an exchange that supports the cryptocurrency.

Step 1: Register for FootballCoin

First, you will need to create a new account. Once you input your info, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Make sure to click the link in the mail. This will allow you to withdraw funds later on.


Step 2: Take part in FootballCoin contests, or purchase XFC

FootballCoin is a play-to-earn blockchain game. The easiest way to earn XFC is by joining as many free and private contests. If you are new to the game, check out our guide on picking a team. All of the major leagues are hosted in FootballCoin. Therefore, you should find it easy to start earning XFC crypto.

Additionally, you can purchase XFC directly from the game. To do this, click on Buy XFC in the upper-right corner of the game menu.


Step 3: Withdraw funds from the game account

Now that you have some XFC funds, if you wish to withdraw them, you need to click on your balance in the upper-right corner.

Next, click Withdraw XFC. Here you will need to input the amount that you wish to withdraw, as well as the address of the wallet where you are sending the coins.


Step 4: Sending coins to the WhiteBit exchange

If you send funds to WhiteBit, you will require the wallet address from the exchange.

You will first need to register your WhiteBit account or log into an already created one.

Clicking on Markets and typing in XFC will show you the available crypto pairs.


Next, click on Balances and punch in XFC. Here you will see your wallet info. You will click on Deposit to be shown the address where you wish to receive the funds.

Add that address to the withdraw info in the FootballCoin game, as shown in Step 3.


Step 5: Confirm withdrawal

Move towards your e-mail and confirm the withdrawal transaction. It will take a few minutes for the XFC amount to be deposited into your WhiteBit account.

Note that WhiteBit does not charge a deposit fee for XFC. Regardless, the exchange has a minimum deposit amount of 600 XFC.


Step 6: Sell XFC for fiat or a stablecoin

You should notice a change to your WhiteBit wallet balance in a few minutes. You are now ready to sell your coins for Euro or the USDT stablecoin.

Click on Markets again. Choose either the XFC/USDT or the XFC/EUR pairing.

WhiteBit is a centralized exchange using a classic order book system. This means that when you place a limit order to sell an asset, you will need a buyer.

Click on the red button, Sell. Input the desired price and the amount.

If your price corresponds to the value of a Buy order, then you will sell the coins immediately. If your offer is higher than what is currently available, your order will be placed on the market. It will be executed once it has a buyer.


Step 7: Holds your funds in your wallet or withdraw them

Once your order has gone through, your balance of Euro or USDT should reflect this.

You can now choose to keep the funds in the custodial wallet provided by WhiteBit. Alternatively, you can move the funds to a different location.

Cashing out in FootballCoin

The process of cashing out in FootballCoin is seamless. Simply enjoy the game, and use your football knowledge to win prizes. Next, use the coins in the game to gain an upper hand over your rivals, or quickly move them to an exchange such as WhiteBit. Here, you can sell your coins in no time.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to win XFC funds! Join every FootballCoin contest and start earning crypto prizes.

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