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What is FootballCoin

FootballCoin gives you the chance to showcase your managerial abilities by allowing you to create your team’s roster and then registering in the existing competitions. The site hosts Matchday, Daily, and Weekly contests, where members can register using their team’s draft. The draft will be made up of the top football players across the best leagues. (Currently FootballCoin supports the English, Spanish and Italian leagues, with plans in the very near future of additional football leagues).

FootballCoin allows you to act like a real manager, predicting player form, match outcomes, ability development and rewarding managers for their results. Building your fantasy team will have you choose without restrictions from the available professional players.


Once you’ve chosen the contest to participate in, you will need to get your team organized by choosing the starting line-up and employ a team formation. Apart from your starting 11 players, you will also have a reserve bench consisting of Assistant Manager, a Goalkeeper, a Defender, a Midfielder and a Forward.

Next, you can continue to monitor the player’s performance using the site’s data analysis.The scoring system for the game employs an algorithm that takes into account more than 30 variables, such as position and statistics reflecting player’s ability. Managers are the given the tools that will help them weigh on the pros and cons associated with making their team selections..

Each fantasy teams earns points based on the performances of the selected players in the real football games. Positive events such as scoring a goal, contributing an assist or keeping a clean sheet will add points to the team, while negative events such as receiving a card, conceding a goal or missing a penalty will make the team lose points.
Scoring will be calculated by the individual score of the starting 11 players, 50% of the total number of points scored by each of the 4 reserve players and the points earned by the Assistant Manager according to his rank. Build a team with efficient players, who will score high and make you win!

FootballCoin hosts a variety of free and paid contests taking place throughout the week. Each member has the opportunity to register for as many constests as they wish and by doing so increase their chances of winning prizes.


  • FootballCoin allows you to act like a real football manager.
  • Choose  Matchday, Daily, and Weekly contests.
  • Build your fantasy team with available professional players.
  • Earns points based on the performances of the selected players in the real football games.
  • Scoring system algorithm with more than 30 variables.
  • English, Spanish and Italian leagues
  • Register for as many constests as you wish and increase your chances of winning prizes.


  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish – Primera Division
  • Italian – SERIE A

  • French – Ligue 1
  • German- Bundesliga 1
  • Russian Premier League
  • Turkish Super Lig

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