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April 08, 2021

by xfcedi

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a hotly discussed topic at the moment. While collectible tokens have existed for numerous years, many believe that this is their moment and that the NFT could have a large impact on numerous areas, including soccer. 

This is highly significant, not least of all, because of the value of the game of soccer. Soccer (football) is the most popular game in the world with an estimated global following of nearly 4 billion. Soccer is not only famous in Europe, Asia, or South America. In the U.S.A, 7% of people say that soccer is their favorite spot. This is practically the same number as those who swear their adherence to baseball. 

The NFT could help usher in a new era and FootballCoin, a game that introduced collectible trading cards more than four years ago is determined to offer users the greatest experience and highest amount of benefits. 

What are NFTs? 

FootballCoin cards

An NFT is a Non-fungible token, a unique digital asset that has only been issued once. Its value is given by its scarcity, primarily, but also by its design or utility. While cryptocoins such as Bitcoin are all the same, NFTs, not unlike a unique work of art exist as a single unit.

In 2021, different NFTs (digital art, sports highlights, even tweets) have been traded for great sums of money. Those who have purchased them believe that these tokens have value because of the fact that they are unique and hold the interest of numerous people in a dedicated community of fans. 

FootballCoin is a crypto-powered fantasy football game that utilizes a system of collectible cards. Each type of card, representing a player or football stadium, is issued in a limited amount. The cards have a real and concrete utility within the game. Each of the digital cards is issued on the blockchain and is unique. The digital assets can be bought, sold, or lent on the FootballCoin blockchain. Owning a FootballCoin NFT allows you to manage a unique piece of football history, and also offers you an advantage inside of the game itself. 

FootballCoin market

player pack in FootballCoin

The FootballCoin soccer fantasy game contains all of the most powerful soccer competitions in the world such as the Premier League, La Liga Serie A, Champions League, or Major League Soccer. 

The NFT collectible cards issued on the FootballCoin blockchain can be traded inside of the game’s own marketplace. Here, users can meet and trade their existing digital assets for the amount of XFC, the game’s official cryptocurrency. 

The price of each collectible card is determined by the demand of the market. Naturally, players that perform best in real-life football, or those of a higher reputation will tend to be more desirable for those in the FootballCoin community. 

What makes FootballCoin unique in the market of fantasy sports?

carlos vela

FootballCoin includes many features that its competitors do not, making it the most complete and complex fantasy football game. Here are some examples:

  • FootballCoin makes use of a unique and complex scoring system. It takes into account real statistical data and none other of the existing blockchain games analyzes as many variables. 
  • FootballCoin is the oldest crypto-backed fantasy football game on the market, having been started in late 2016.
  • In FootballCoin, you can play fantasy football daily. Users create their draft that consists of 11 field players, 4 reserves, and one Assistant Manager.
  • The game has included the 14 most important club competitions in the world (Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, etc), as well as international events such as the World Cup and European Championship. None of the other NFT games includes as many quality leagues. 
  • The value of these player cards may increase over time because of their scarcity and utility making them the perfect NFT investment.  
  • FootballCoin’s NFT player receives a ranking of 1* to 5*. The ranking of a player may increase, but can never decrease. For example, if you own a card of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is rated at 5*, that value will never decrease. 
  • Users of FootballCoin can act as veritable scouts, investing in cards of young players whose reputation is likely to increase. For example, Joao Cancelo is currently ranked at 3*, but many would expect his reputation to become the biggest in the coming future. 


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in 2021 that has not heard of NFTs. There’s a certain degree of FOMO for certain. Sites like NBA Hot Shots, or NFT marketplaces like Rarible have collected huge amounts of cash.  Surely, this is the buzz term of the moment. However, the implication of this newfound popularity can be profound. 

Various businesses are looking towards integrating the NFT, for a variety of uses. At the same time, artists are finding a unique way of trading Intellectual Property. Those purchasing NFTs are also benefiting from what is currently a thriving community of enthusiasts willing, in some cases, to part with millions of dollars for an nonfungible token design. 

FootballCoin NFTs are valuable not only because of the collectible aspect but also since they are an integral part of a thriving economy. Each of these cards can earn you cryptocurrency inside of the game. Owners can use the digital trading card in contests, can lend it, sell, or auction it. For each of these, they are able to turn a handsome profit.  

Furthermore, while the Non-Fungible Token has been around for a long time in various guises, its new-found popularity could open the door towards a number of exciting new projects. Just like cryptocurrency and blockchain tech, NFTs may be used in a variety of ways that take advantage of the option of easily trading unique items. 

How to get started with MLS fantasy soccer in FootballCoin

Premier League - Gameweek 28

FootballCoin is a fantasy game that allows users to choose their ideal draft and score points based on the real-life performances of the players chosen within their squad. 

Users have the option to approach the game in various ways. Of course, they may choose to enter contests and win XFC prizes, which they can then trade for NFT collectible cards. However, they may also organize contests, scout player cards, lease cards, etc., and take advantage of the complex FootballCoin ecosystem. Soccer fans can simply play to earn XFC rewards. 

Joining your first MLS fantasy soccer contest is exciting, but it is also a simple process. Simply register for the game, join the contest, and choose the cards that you wish to be included in your draft. The collectible cards represent players active in the MLS at present. 

Each fantasy sports draft must include a “starting 11” set up in a formation that the user considers ideal. The draft must also include substitutes for each role, as well as an Assistant Manager that scores points based on their ranking. 

All participants abide by the same rules and, since the game is registered on the blockchain, the results may not be changed. Once the final results are in, users automatically are awarded their XFC cryptocurrency prizes. 

How to win money in MLS fantasy soccer. FootballCoin NFT opportunity

FootballCoin cards sale

FootballCoin is a game that prizes your proof of knowledge. Being aware of the players that are best suited for your soccer draft, gives users the best chance of rising in the standings and collecting the XFC prizes. 

FootballCoin organizes many free contests each week, representing some of the world’s best soccer competitions. Simply register to as many of those as you wish, enter a good draft, and get prepared to win the prizes. 

These XFC prizes can be easily converted into fiat, real money can be used inside of the game (for example, to purchase other NFT collectible cards), or can be traded on an exchange service for other crypto coins. 

There are numerous ways in which users are able to collect real prizes and purchase FootballCoin NFTs. Here are some examples:

– Play soccer fantasy and win XFC

Users can act as managers, playing in the free and private FootballCoin contests and earning XFC prizes when their team performs well. Great football knowledge is a big plus in this scenario. 

– Trade FootballCoin cards

Why not take advantage of the thriving FootballCoin economy? Users can monitor the evolution of soccer players and make purchases based on how they expect their careers to develop. Trading cards for profit is one of the best ways to earn capital. 

– Invest in XFC and in the FootballCoin game

You may also take advantage of the numerous options offered by the FootballCoin economy. For example, if you are a user that owns a number of cards, you can lease them to other users that may be in need of them for a certain fee. Furthermore, your investment in cards and XFC may grow proportionally to the development of the FootballCoin game and economy. 

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