Best Manager of Euro 2020 competition

June 08, 2021

by xfcedi

Best Manager of Euro 2020 competition

FootballCoin is actively rewarding fantasy football expertise. Register your team for Euro 2020, show us just how great you are as a manager and we will reward you.

Best Manager of Euro 2020

The FootballCoin team continues to believe strongly in fair and friendly competition. That is why we are setting up a side challenge. Do you think you have the best knowledge of the European Championship of anybody else? Prove it and you can earn 25000 XFC.

How does it work?

We will reward the 20 best managers in Euro 2020 fantasy football. The rules are simple:

  • Take part in as many Euro 2020 fantasy contests in FootballCoin
  • Managers qualify based on their Total Score earned across throughout the Euro
  • Receive XFC prizes of up to 25000 XFC when you qualify among the best 20 managers

Check out how the Total Score is calculated!

Make sure that you keep up to date with the existing leaderboard using the link for the Euro 2020 fantasy competition.

The Total Score includes two elements:

  • Points collected from official contests

This will include 100% of the number of points collected by a users’ drafts in official contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from the official contests in which a user has taken part.

  • Points collected from private contests

This will include 20% of the points collected by a users’ drafts in private contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from private contests.

NOTE: Head-to-head contests and Contests restricted by the use of passwords will not be counted up for the official score.

Prizes for Best Manager of Euro 2020 competition

The prizes for best the best twenty Euro 2020 managers, based on their ranking in the competition, are as follows:

When are the results announced?

We will announce the rewards soon after the Euro 2020 final is played. The prizes are automatically added to your account.

Any other way of winning rewards?

Yes, plenty:

  • Win XFC rewards for every private or free contest organized in FootballCoin
  • Earn XFC through referrals
  • Earn XFC by organizing contests
  • Earn gold and cards through daily challenges etc.

Refer friends and win

Looking to help a friend out? You can do that and help yourself out as well.
Just head over to your FootballCoin account, grab your referral link, and share it with all of your friends. You will can XFC from every invite.

This summer, FootballCoin truly rewards those that will be watching the games in the European Championship.

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