The FootballCoin ICO launch is here: 24th of May at 11:00 GMT

May 21, 2017

by xfcedi

Write this  down in your calendar! The FootballCoin ICO launch has been set for the date of the 24th of May 11:00 GMT. It will last for 30 days and involve a grand total of 150.000.000 XFCCOIN .

XFCCOIN, the FootballCoin currency, is set for release and distribution on the 24th of  May 2017 at 11:00 GMT. It’s the moment the FootballCoin community has inquired about and asked for. A maximum amount of 150.000.000 XFCCOIN will become available to the public. For 30 days the amount will be out on sale for various discounted offers. The level of discount is mentioned on the web site for each of the promotions.Additional information is available on

The FootballCoin community will now have the opportunity to purchase the game’s currency XFCOIN. Not only that, but they will be able to do so at a considerable discount. The price for 1 000 XFCCOIN will be 0.012 BTC   (1XFCCOIN = 1200 satoshi). Discounts will be applied depending on the quantity purchased. The level of discount will increase together with the amount purchased by the user. To learn more about the XFCCOIN currency please visit:

During the 30 day period FootballCoin will put on sale it’s game assets for it’s users to purchase. The assets put on sale will be in a fixed amount and will favor the “first come, first serve” rule. Therefore we encourage those interested to act quickly. Several promotional offers will be made available featuring XFCCOIN, player cards and stadium cards. For more information about our system for card distribution please visit:

On the first day of ICO, FootballCoin will issue XFCCOIN (at the previously mentioned discounted price). Then on the third day, FootballCoin will put on sale full player card sets of the most important teams from the top three European leagues (Premier League, Serie A, La Liga). Purchasing the cards representing the entire team roster will include a massive discount.

On day seven, FootballCoin plans to put on sale the top ranked cards. We will offer player and stadium cards ranked 5* at a 30% discount. We will continue with selling cards ranked 4* starting with day 11 and cards ranked 3* on day 17.

After the ICO period has ended FootballCoin is going to set up a Swapbot for the XFCCOIN currency. One unit of XFCCOIN will be set at a minimum of 1350 satoshi. FootballCoin is in negotiations with the main Exchange services for XFCCOIN to be listed shortly after the currency has been issued.

Here is your chance to become part of the FootballCoin community!

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