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March 30, 2021

by xfcedi

FootballCoin player cards

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What is an NFT? 

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NFT stands for Non-fungible token, a unique token that can only be issued once. This is different for example, from a Bitcoin or Ethereum, where each unit of BTC or ETH is the same as another. An NFT exists, like a work of art, or a collectible football card, as a singular item in the world. 

The NFTs have been around for a long time, but have garnered a particular amount of attention in recent months. Usually, they refer to items issued on a particular blockchain that feature information that renders them unique. 

The FootballCoin collectible cards, which function in the fantasy football game, function in that way. Each card is unique and player cards representing each player are issued in a limited supply. Simply, this means that when purchasing a Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe card, you are receiving something nobody else but you owns and can trade, use, or store. 

What is a Football NFT?

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A football NFT is a unique digital item featuring football elements. In our case, it refers mainly to player and stadium cards. These include their particular artwork, function inside a game, and contain information that can be easily verified. It is similar to other popular NFTs that center around digital art. 

Football collectible cards allow fans to build a unique collection of their favorite sports stars. Besides the collecting aspect that if you are a football fan of “the beautiful game” you are likely to immediately feel an affinity towards, the FootballCoin collectible cards also allow you to win cryptocurrency prizes inside the game, to take part in contests, or to organize your very own.

Football NFT fever 

Some people compare this to art collecting. The value of the item is given not only by the number of people that show an interest in the artist and work but also by the fact that no other work like this exists in the entire world. Furthermore, given the rarity and desirability of owning such art, a vibrant marketplace is created that takes advantage of these opportunities. 

Why are football NFTs a big deal? Football, as you may well know, is the most popular sport in the world. Football is the daily concern of millions of people. Heroes of the sport are praised all over the world. And, so, it is only natural the fans’ passion for the game would also translate towards the modern technology of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

What is FootballCoin?

FootballCoin is an online fantasy football game making use of blockchain tech. The game picks its winners based on the players they choose for their drafts and on the stats accumulated by the players in real-life games. 

FootballCoin is powered by its own cryptocurrency, XFC. This currency is similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. It can be traded, stored, or used inside of the game for various actions. These include purchasing and selling the Non-fungible token collectible cards. 

FootballCoin is also unique in the fact that the NFT digital assets have a clear utility within the game itself. The cards do not represent, merely, a great artwork, but a collectible that may be used inside of a full and complex game. 

When users want to trade their cards they have to stop at FootballCoin’s online market. Here they can view the player cards on display and, even, add their own offers. Cards can be bought, leased, or auctioned off. Naturally, the digital cards can also be used in the game to win contests, which in turn means more XFC. The game itself offers plenty of fun whether or not you are a football fan, as it features the world’s biggest competitions (Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, etc.)

How is FootballCoin different from its competitors?

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FootballCoin includes numerous competitive advantages over its competitors. Here are just some of the main ones: 

  • FootballCoin features a unique scoring system that includes more statistical variables than any other blockchain games on the market. 
  • FootballCoin is a real daily fantasy football game. Users get to pick their draft consisting of 11 field players, 4 reserves, and one Assistant Manager.
Premier League - Gameweek 28
  • The game includes 14 of the world’s best club competitions (Premier League, Champions League, Serie A etc). FootballCoin has also hosted fantasy football contests related to the World Cup and will host the European Championship. No other NFT games include as many leagues. 
  • FootballCoin’s NFT cards are issued in a limited amount on the game’s own blockchain. This means that, unlike other fantasy sports games, only a finite number of cards can be created. 
  • FootballCoin’s NFT player cards are ranked from 1* to 5*. A player’s rating can never decrease. For example, Lionel Messi’s card will always be 5*. This adds to the game’s uniqueness. 
  • Users can invest in cards whose value may increase over time. For example, if you purchase a Kylian Mbappe card, which is ranked at 4* because of his age, you are very likely investing in a card that will eventually be ranked 5*. 

The Hype: NFT FOMO

Yes, there is plenty of hype surrounding NFTs at the moment and plenty of FOMO. If you’ve not yet boarded the crypto train, don’t worry. Acquiring good information comes before acquiring cryptocurrency or NFTs. Sites like NBA Hotshots have already collected huge amounts for the NFTs sold on their platform. 

It is true that given their unique status, just like the art that we were mentioning earlier, the NFTs have the potential of changing in value in the future, the best ones may already be on the market. FootballCoin collectible cards have been available for over four years. During this time the game has earned numerous fans and plaudits. Besides, users can play to earn XFC easily. 

How to get started in FootballCoin, building your team

FootballCoin is a game that offers plenty of opportunities for different types of users. Whether you love football, cryptocurrency, or simply want to join an exciting game economy, this might just be the game for you. 

At the heart of the project though sits the fantasy game aspect focused on football. All you need to do is register to the website and enter your first free contest. Each contest includes prizes expressed in XFC cryptocurrency. 

Once you’ve entered the contest, it is time to build your team. The draft consists of your starting eleven players plus one substitute for each position and an assistant manager role. You can choose to use any of the collectible or free football players’ cards active within one of the great leagues hosted in FootballCoin.  

How to win money. FootballCoin NFT opportunity

One of the greatest elements about FootballCoin is the chance of winning cryptocurrency. You can do this each time that you play the fantasy football game. The XFC that you win within any of the numerous contests hosted on the site can be traded for fiat. It can also be used to purchase the valuable FootballCoin NFTs. 

Simply head on over to the FootballCoin marketplace and take note of the available offers. If you have a valuable NFT that you would like to part with, you can be the one selling it for a hefty price. 

As mentioned, FootballCoin gives you the chance to be creative about how you wish to approach the game. 

Ways to start winning XFC and buy NFT cards

1. Play the game win XFC

The first way to go about winning XFC and purchasing some NFTs quickly is, simply, by taking part in the contests. Say, for example, you a football fan of the Premier League. You can join the free weekly contests that FootballCoin sets up, or even join a private contest. If your draft is a hit it means that you’re a winner of XFC. 

2. Be a trader of FootballCoin cards

If keeping an eye on stats and scores is not your thing, perhaps you can take advantage of the vibrant FootballCoin economy. This has developed around the game. Act as a scout or trader and seek out the best deals on the market. Many digital trading cards of future football greats started being trade at small prices. However, they became much valuable later once the players had built their legacies. 

3. Be an investor: invest in cards and lease them 

Another easy way to go about earning XFC is to simply lease out the cards that you already own. This will involve little effort on your part, will help other users looking for valuable cards to use, and will also put some more XFC in your pocket. It’s as easy as that.

In the end, the best way to win XFC is a combination of all the above!

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