Top 5 fantasy football cards for Euro 2020 Quarter-Finals

July 05, 2021

by xfcedi

Harry Maguire - England

Eduard Bănulescu

The Quarter-Finals stage of Euro 2020 made many a fan howl with delight. The same reaction, most likely, could be heard from a large number of fantasy football managers. Let’s take a look at the top-performing cards in FootballCoin across the Q-F stage of the European Championship.

5. Lorenzo Insigne (Italy) – 44.5 points

Lorenzo Insigne is already, for many, a prime candidate for the title of Player of the tournament. His goal against Belgium was pivotal in putting Italy through to the semi-finals and ensuring victory against their toughest opposition in the tournament so far. The fact that the Italians’ antics pretty much guaranteed that no football was played in the final 15 minutes can be either chucked off to experience, or lack of sportsmanship. Either way, Insigne is the leader of a great team in which many of the players have reached peak maturity.

4. Jordi Alba (Spain) – 52.2 points

Rafel van der Vart‘s words quickly came back to haunt Holland. The former player suggested that Spain in 2021 was merely a team crossing the ball aimlessly. The proof is in the pudding. Jordi Alba is one of the best players in the tournament. And, Netherlands is out. Expect more of the same from the tireless wing-back as the Spaniards take on Italy.

3. Dani Olmo (Spain) – 53.45 points

Spanish midfielders during the past two decades have been a thing of legend. Dani Olmo may not have been as famous to casual football fans before Euro 2020, but he is quickly stepping into those shoes. His playmaking effort against Switzerland showcased his remarkable passing abilities and vision. Spain will, most certainly, be in need of these skills against the might Italy.

2. Harry Maguire (England) – 53.8 points

Maguire’s participation was altogether in doubt before the start of the European Championship. The defender has stepped back into Southgate’s team and proved his leadership qualities in the Three Lions’ easy victory over Ukraine. Harry Maguire didn’t only score a goal. He also dominated passing, acting as an advanced ball-playing defender.

1. Yann Sommer (Switzerland) – 62.9 points

Borussia Monchengladbach goalkeeper Yann Sommer

During this European Championship, Yann Sommer showed the world what fans of Bundesliga football already knew for a long time. The Swiss keeper is one of the best in his position in the entire world. The team’s fairytale victory over France nearly carried through to their match with Spain. In the end, it came down to cooler heads and more experience with penalty kicks. Despite this, his performance throughout the 120 minutes was brilliant. Sommer is the best fantasy football player throughout the Quarter-Final stage of the Euro.

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