The new FootballCoin game version is now online

April 27, 2018

by xfcedi

New game version of FootballCoin

The newly improved version of the FootballCoin game has been released online.  These improvements focus on numerous visual and gameplay aspects. The team remains committed to enhancing the FootballCoin gaming experience. 

FootballCoin wishes to thank its community for their continuous feedback and efforts in testing out the Beta version of the game. The wait is now over! We are proud to announce the new version of the game, which we think will continue to help the game grow in stature.

New game version of FootballCoin
Let’s take a look at the main changes to the game:

  • An easier player selection;
  • An improved contest selection;
  • Integrated payer stats and history;

We hope you’ll be among those testing out the new gaming platform. As always, we encourage you to showcase your managerial abilities by entering the FootballCoin contests. Play for a chance to win important cryptocurrency prizes!


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