FootballCoin Announces the Soft Launch of Its Cryptocurrency Powered Game Platform

April 11, 2017

by xfcedi

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Cryptocurrency-based fantasy football game platform, FootballCoin has announced the soft launch of its new platform. The game’s beta launch will offer interested players a glimpse of the platform’s features and gameplay.

Similar to ‘Football Manager’, the largest cryptocurrency based football team building title –FootballCoin gives players the chance to create, manage and strengthen their football squad for the purpose of league titles or championship cups. Although similar in nature, FootballCoin offers something unique that ‘Football Manager’ does not have, its own real (crypto)currency.

FootballCoin offers the use of its own Counterparty-based cryptocurrency (XFCCOIN), enabling the use of blockchain technology. FootballCoin cryptocurrency can be utilized within the game to purchase player cards and stadium cards. XFCCOIN can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies through online trading platforms.

The FootballCoin project is a result of the collaborative efforts of Crowngem limited and its partners Sportradar, Perform Group and other leading sporting statistic providers. These partnerships maximize the realism of the platform’s gameplay. The FootballCoin project will be the first blockchain-supported football fantasy game, and it is entirely funded by the company and its representatives. The soft launch release will initially support English, Spanish and Italian leagues with coverage extending to include France, Germany and the UEFA Champions League at the time of global launch date in August. The FootballCoin platform is set to add additional options to the platform based on community input as the project reaches its fruition.

With its blockchain powered ecosystem, FootballCoin looks to establish itself as the main platform to offer the benefit of an XFCCOIN cryptocurrency market to players within the fantasy football realm. The availability of XFCCOIN tokens is limited to 1 billion, this will ensure profitability for the players and also stimulate user adoption. The finite number of available tokens will push the value of FootballCoin’s in-game cards and stadiums while increasing the trading value of the currency against alternatives like Bitcoin.

FootballCoin’s unique XFCCOIN tokens can soon be purchased by participants with BTC at a discount during the games pre-sale. After the pre-sale, players can use the cryptocurrency to purchase blockchain-based football player cards and stadium cards. The tokens will also be made available for acquisition from official game stores and cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to the game’s tokens there will also be an array of prizes and bounty programs that can gain players additional XFCCOIN tokens.

FootballCoin also intends to release its own debit card for the purpose of cryptocurrency payment and store of value. The FootballCoin debit cards will be supported at places accepting VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

There are already football-genre fantasy gaming platforms around, but none of them have their own unique currency or even cryptocurrency for that matter. FootballCoin helps players cross the bridge between fantasy football gaming and the world of alternative currencies to attract an untapped niche of users.

Anyone Interested in becoming a part of the new FootballCoin community can do so by taking part in the platforms public beta and XFCCOIN crowdsale. Interested parties can visit FootballCoin website for upcoming pre-sale dates.

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