FootballCoin announces partnership with Omnisport

May 06, 2017

by xfcedi

FootballCoin is proud to announce the beginning of the partnership between ourselves and Omnisport is one of the leading websites specializing in live sports events from around the world.

FootballCoin couldn’t be happier with the future collaboration. We feel that through partnering with Omnisport, we are working with one of the industry’s best. Through this partnership we hope to continue to offer quality content to the website’s users. is a website owned by global sports media company Perform Group. In their own words Omnisport covers “the biggest stories from over 1,700 leagues and competitions”.

Furthermore, through this partnership, FootballCoin aims to send a message about attempting to work with the very best and continuing to strive for excellence. The partnership will also represent an asset in our future plans for growth. FootballCoin is planning to integrate new football leagues into the game by the beginning of the next football season. Also, further developments to the game and website will be announced shortly.

FootballCoin offers a unique gaming experience by merging aspects of football manager games with those of collectible cards and tokens issued on the Bitcoin Blockchain. However, FootballCoin also tries to keep users up to date with the latest football news and statistics. We believe that in this way users can make the best informed decisions when playing the game. Through our partnership with Omnisport we believe we are, at least, one step closer towards reaching our goals.




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