Game Rules

December 11, 2017

by andrei4digital

This is a description of the FootballCoin game rules, explaining the game mechanics. Rules have been created to take into account most possible events on the football pitch.


Line-ups will consist of 11 players, 1 Assistant Manager, and 4 reserve players. Further restrictions may be specified in the contest rules.
The positions for choosing reserve players are limited to Goalkeeper (GK), Defender (DF), Midfielder (MF), and Forward (FW). FootballCoin makes the exclusive ruling on position eligibility and each player is only eligible at ONE of the four positions listed above.

Rosters of your opponent(s) will be visible immediately after the kickoff of the first game in any designated contest. Each contest specifies a date after which entries may not be added, edited, or canceled.

Contest results and winners will be based on the total number of points scored across each entrant’s 11-player roster, 50% of total points scored by each of the 4 reserve players (scoring summarized above) during the duration of the contest, plus points scored by the Assistant Manager in accordance with his rank.

If a match that is part of a contest is rescheduled outside of the original beginning and end time of the contest, players in those matches will earn zero points.

Additional Scoring notes

The “Minutes Played” parameter adds 0.05 points for every minute played.
“Clean Sheet” is the parameter assigned only if players end their match without conceding goals to the opponent team.

This parameter is assigned if a minimum of 45 minutes are played. Therefore the “Clean Sheet” bonus will be assigned only if the player’s team will end their match without conceding goals and having the player be on the pitch for a minimum of 45 minutes.

The “Goal Conceded” parameter is calculated considering any kind of goals conceded during the match (simple goal, header goal, own goal), each one determining a negative score of -3 points for the Goalkeeper. Furthermore, a conceded goal will have the Defender players receive a negative score of -1 point and the Midfield players receive a negative -0.5 points.

Position changes during real matches

In the event a player changes his position during his real match, he will maintain his initial position on FootballCoin. The player will accumulate points based on the position marked on the FootballCoin card.

If, for example, Dani Alves is labeled as a Defender but when Juventus play the official match he occupies the position of Midfielder, he will continue to accumulate points on FootballCoin as a Defender. Users who have picked Dani Alves in their lineups will still see him still marked as a Defender. This is to avoid possible confusion when a player is used in multiple roles in a real game.

In the unlikely event that the stats for one or more games are revised by the stats provider, FootballCoin will include the changes within 24 hours of the match ending. If the changes are reported after 24 hours, results can no longer be updated.

In the event that a scheduled game is canceled, pre-empted, or postponed for any reason, no points will be awarded (0 scores) for players embedded in that game or event.

Only in the case in which the canceled/pre-empted/postponed event is the only one within the room, all entry fees paid for that contest will be refunded.

Suspended or Shortened Games

Any statistics generated on a later date then when the game is completed will not be included due to the one-day nature of our contests.
Should the game be shortened and statistics be included on that day by Sportradar, those statistics will count towards the game.

If more than 20% of the data for a contest is affected by match postponements/cancellations then the entire contest will be canceled. The measure is taken so as to give all participating users a fair chance when creating their squads.

Roster Deadlines

Contest entries will close 5 minutes before the start of the first game included in the contest. You can edit your roster as many times as you like until the contest closing time. Once games begin, all player choices on participating teams will be locked in and can no longer be edited.

Creation of team during cut off time

If a manager starts creating his lineup before the contest closing time (limit subscription), without being able to save the lineup on time, an error message will appear. No entry fee will be charged to the user.
Interruption during team creation

If a system interruption occurs at the moment the manager is creating his lineup and the system resumes only after the contest deadline, we have distinguished between two cases in the game rules:

If the user managed to save a complete lineup before the system interruption, that lineup will be considered his last valid action.
If the user didn’t manage to save a complete lineup before the system interruption, it will be considered that his submission was not finalized and no entry fees will be charged.

Event of a Tie

In the event of a tie (two or more users realize exactly the same score), a further parameter will be considered to determine the winner: “Line-up submission time”. The player who submitted his team first will be declared the winner. This rule is valid also in case of a tie with a 0 or a negative score.

Multiple accounts are not allowed

In case we identify more than one account of the same person, we reserve the right to block, ban and/or erase the incriminated accounts and all the submissions of the accounts identified as breaching the rules.