Mission & Vision

December 11, 2017

by andrei4digital

With tens of millions of players worldwide, Fantasy Football Manager games have become a multi-bilion-dollar industry in real economy.

Figures show an ever growing interest in Fantasy Sports. Recent studies show that the world of Fantasy Sports has enjoyed a giant increase with income figures more than tripling in the last decade. This has naturally attracted a continuous amount of new players, as well as a large group of investors. The healthy business that fantasy sports generates can only prove to be an asset in our journey of increasing the popularity of blockchain. This can help introduce these technologies and their benefits to a greater number of people.


Innovate the most popular game in the world, football, by using blockchain technology, similar to that used by Bitcoin.

Bring the advantages of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to Football manager and Fantasy sports users.

Create a bridge between the cryptosphere and the world of football fans.

Use the advantages of blockchain technology to benefit our users:

  • Users have full ownership of the game assets (currency and collectible cards). The assets can be kept outside the game in a wallet that uses a private key.
  • Secure, fast and transparent transactions with data being verified on the blockchain.
  • Complete transparency of the number of issued game assets. Every asset is issued in a limited predetermined quantity.
  • Game assets can be transferred from one user to another inside or outside the game (peer to peer transactions)


Our Story

FootballCoin was born at the crossroad of two worlds.

First there is the passion for football that has been with us since our early childhoods, when collectible cards with international players were the most valuable treasure in the world and watching the World Cup was the main event in the entire neighborhood.

And then the fascination with blockchain and decentralized networks that came once we discovered the amazing opportunities they bring. It is our firm belief that this is where the future of technology lies.

So, our idea was to use the benefits of blockchain to create something fun, something people can enjoy, something that appeals to a wider audience, not just cryptocurrency users. Something as wonderful as football.

Building a blockchain based online football game allows us to innovate by making this technology available to people, and by bringing a new perspective on fantasy football. For example, by having users actually own their game assets and use them outside the game as well.

We are committed to the continuous development of the game as this is a project born and funded out of passion for blockchains and football, a “partnership” strange enough to work.


The Footballcoin.io Founders