Leasing collectible cards in FootballCoin

January 25, 2020

by xfcedi

FootballCoin is ready to introduce the leasing system that will guarantee access to top-rated collectible cards to more users than ever before. Let’s take a look at how the newly introduced system works.

How the leasing system works

Any owner of a FootballCoin card will have the option of placing on lease.

Any FootballCoin user will have the option to lease out a card for the price being asked by the card owner. To do this, simply click the Lend option below any of the cards on the market.

When leasing out a player, the owner will need to specify the quantity of cards being leased out, the price at which the card is being leased out and whether this lease will remain in effect for future matches (Recurring).

The Recurring option, when active, tells the system that the card needs to be placed back on the Lease market, once the previous manager who had leased the card has used the card. If the option is marked as active, the card will be returned and will show as active among the users’ assets.

Where to lease cards and the duration of a lease

Player cards can be leased out directly from the contest when the user is assembling their squad. (The cards are not leased directly from the Game’s market)

The duration of one lease agreement is of either one match (in which the card is used), but not more than seven days. Note: A user cannot lease out a card, not use it in the competition and hope to use it after more than seven days. Instead, they would need to lease out the card once more, should it remain available.

Lease for stadiums

Organizing a private contest remains one of the best ways to earn XFC cryptocurrency. To organize contests where more than 11 participants can take part, the contest organizer needs to own a stadium card rated 3* or above.

Stadium cards will also become available for lease at some stage in the near future. The lease of stadium cards will be done using the same rules as in the case of player cards.

The temporary owner of the stadium card will benefit from receiving a percentage of the entire prize pool as described in the rules regarding stadium cards.

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