The FootballCoin card exchange

January 25, 2020

by xfcedi

The FootballCoin has recognized the importance of offering users the best players for their fantasy teams. Because of this, FootballCoin will introduce an Exchange section. Here’s how the system will work.

The exchange of cards is done only between the system and the card owner. Also, the card being exchanged will never be replaced by the same player’s card upon exchange. 

The Exchange system will guarantee that a user can change one card for another in exchange for a small fee.

Initially, only 3* rated players will be made available on the FootballCoin exchange. The initial fee for one exchange will be 10 XFC.

Furthermore, once 4* rated players are introduced within the Exchange, the fee will be 50 XFC for each collectible player’s card.

A user can make as many exchanges as they want, however, each new one will be taxed with the same fee.

FootballCoin will make a public list of players that will be included in each next batch of players set up on the exchange.

When exchanging a player you can only receive one of the same rating, or downgrade.  

In the exchange of 3* players, no players that are inactive, retired, or who have left to other football leagues, will be included among the players that can be drawn from the pool of players included on the exchange.

Once the exchange is active and it has received players that can be drawn up, the “Exchange” option will be shown as active for any of the players that are owned by the user and be exchanged in the system. 

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