Auction for collectible cards in FootballCoin

January 25, 2020

by xfcedi

Being able to use the very best cards is essential in helping you develop your fantasy football strategy. For this very reason, FootballCoin is getting ready to release an auction system for the collectible cards available in the game.

Let’s take a look at how the process will work.

What are the collectible cards

Player or stadium cards, in FootballCoin, are rated between 1* and 5*.

The cards that are ranked 3* and higher are digital assets issued on the FootballCoin blockchain. These are cards which once are in a user’s wallet are his to own. 

The new version of the game will include 1* cards that will be free to be used by all managers. It will also include 2* cards which can be used by offering in exchange the game’s gold.

The gold can be collected through performing various actions in the game that carry with them rewards. These will be announced beforehand. The gold can be used in a variety of ways, including for the use of 3* rated Assistant Managers and 2* rated players.

The gold will show as a reward in the Achievements section that FootballCoin will introduce.

The 3*,4* and 5* cards will be available to be placed at Auction. This means that users will be able to sell the card to the highest bidder.

Setting up a card for auction

A user that owns a collectible card can set them up for action. They will need to choose the following information:

  • The Buy it now priceThe price at which the card is automatically purchased
  • The Starting price The price at which bids for the card can begin
  • The Auction length – How long the action lasts. The maximum length is seven days, but a shorter time span may be chosen

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