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March 14, 2019

by xfcedi

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 An introduction to the fantasy Champions League hosted by FootballCoin

When the plans for the fantasy football game using collectible cards, FootballCoin, were being drawn up one thing was certain. The future fans of the game would demand one thing. They will expect to receive the best. Keeping with this objective, the FootballCoin developers set about ensuring that the greatest football competitions would be represented in the game.FootballCoin - Free Fantasy Football gameIt is the reason why FootballCoin is boastful of setting up its own online fantasy Champions League game. The entire world is busy enjoying Europe’s elite matches. And, FootballCoin ensures they are properly represented in the arena of fantasy sports.

Excitement for the start of a new UCL round is palpable among football fans. The same enthusiasm can be felt inside FootballCoin’s offices. And the very same feeling is present among FootballCoin’s fans. If football is a game that unites, no other competition bands people together quite like the Champions League. If fantasy sports require good teams and worthy players to choose from, fantasy UCL contests are the ideal choice.
You’ve heard it said for many years now. Only Europe’s best players acquire a legacy in the Champions League. This is usually true and responsible for the immense popularity of the competition. In FootballCoin, UCL fantasy managers may choose from this galaxy of stars. But, the game is also adaptable to all strategies.

The FootballCoin system employed for fantasy Champions League

FootballCoin virtual managers will be familiar with the system of collectible cards used within the game. Still, here’s the gist of it. Each player and stadium featured in FootballCoin are represented by a collectible card. The cards are selected by managers. They use them to create a team draft. The world’s greatest football players are a minority by any stretch. They receive, in FootballCoin, paid collectible cards. Those are the cards rated with 3* to 5*. These are the Messis, Ronaldos and Neymars of the world. Indeed, these great athletes are a minority.
But, the majority of the game cards are free. They signal that all fantasy managers have the chance to create a winning team. A team that can win XFC cryptocurrency prizes. A team that is worth bragging about. The free cards represent the majority. They ensure that FootballCoin remains a game that is free to play.

Granted this balance is harder to achieve when it comes to the Champions League. Routinely, teams with astounding squads qualify for the upper stages of the competition. Yet, it has often been the case that managers using only free cards have managed to climb to the upper regions of the FootballCoin rankings.


No transfer deadline for this fantasy Champions League game

FIFA player of the year award

Once FootballCoin does not have a deadline on transfers.The game only ensures that team rosters are updated. This is done according to transfers made withing the regular timeframe for transfers. FootballCoin does not include options such as widlcards or boosters. All participants have acces to the same resources and the same rules apply to all. Furthermore, FootballCoin drafts do not require substitutions per se. A team drafted must be created with at least 15 minutes before the start of the contest. 
Once the contest has been completed, a manager may choose a completely new team for the following contest. If they wish. FootballCoin is a daily fantasy football game. Each contest is a new chance to show your best side. And, importantly, the online Champions League game is free. 

How are the world-class players determined in the FootballCoin game ?

As for the paid cards, the ones representing the superstars, they are few. They are issued in a limited amount. And all community members have the chance to own them. An investment in a Harry Kane, Sergio Ramos or Mohamed Salah card ensures that the buyer is only one of a select few that own the card and are able to use it.
The role of the cards is not merely to offer an advantage to the buyer. It is a way to make sure that the game’s economic system enjoys organic, long term growth. If blood is what keeps a man alive, XFC is the lifeblood of the FootballCoin system. It needs to properly circulate throughout the game’s body, to ensure proper health is maintained.
Furthermore, the cards appeal to a basic human desire. It’s the desire to collect items. It’s the wish to own things that others do not possess, to showcase your style, experience and taste. Owning a card of Sadio Mane is not merely a way to enhance your winning chances in the online fantasy Champions League football game. It is a way to show your support. A collection speaks more about the owner than words ever can.

What is FootballCoin’s vision?

FootballCoin is a fantasy football game. As mentioned above, the game functions using collectible player and stadium cards. The virtual fantasy managers use these cards in the game in order to assemble a team, create a competition, buy/sell cards etc.
Champions League fantasy tournament picks are one of the options included in the FootballCoin game. The game aims to include the very best football leagues in the world. All the players of the said leagues are registered and included in the FootballCoin game. Their likeness and related data are acquired to be used by FootballCoin. After all, this is a game that promotes football knowledge. But it tries not to forget the entertainment aspect.

History of the fantasy Champions League

Fantasy sports have been in existence for many decades. The first game systems were employed in the U.S.A. The sports chosen to be represented in its embryonic stages were golf and basketball. The game was later adapted in Europe, to football.
Dries Mertens and Bonucci
The Serie A and Premier League were the first to receive the fantasy football treatment. The very first such games were the result of individual visions. And, while their progress was not a quick one, their potential was clear. The games later evolved into Fantacalcio and Fantasy Premier League, games still played by millions today.
The surge of interest for fantasy sports in Europe began in the 1990s. The number of participants grew with consistency. It wasn’t long before it seemed like every sports newspaper accommodated a fantasy soccer competition within its pages. Naturally, the UEFA fantasy Champions League was soon created and received similar treatment.
Fantasy Champions League competitions seemed to represent a logical step forward. The UCL had recently been given a facelift and a change in direction. Even the name of the European Cup had been ditched by 1993 for the UCL moniker we are familiar with today.

When the Champions League became what we know today

The format of the competition was also modified. It received its share of criticism, without a doubt. But, one thing is certain. The European competition could accommodate the ambitions of world-famous clubs better now. Sometimes, at the expense of clubs from lower ranked leagues.

Almost each game was a derby now. Almost every team had its share of star players. It’s a tradition that has been carried out until the present day. It’s also a strategy that has proven very effective, ensuring that the most famous teams and players in Europe are consistently delivered to the football-hungry audiences. Olympique Marseille, Ajax Amsterdam, AC Milan, Juventus Turin, Real Madrid or Manchester United were among the first clubs to win the trophy in this interesting new era.

The fantasy Champions League arrived in FootballCoin at a time when the game’s community was beginning to be formed. The contests offered an interesting prospect. Each game in the competition, following the preliminary stages, was represented. The variety of teams and players allowed the virtual managers to create their strategy from a wide array of choices.

FootballCoin, a free to play fantasy sports game

It’s no accident that so many of the players present in fantasy Champions League contests are represented by free cards. Yes, FootballCoin is a free to play game. The game’s developers have always strived to encourage football knowledge and move far away from the pay to play format of some games. Your Champions League fantasy game picks are your ticket to winning important prizes.
All UCL fantasy managers have the opportunity of assembling a winning team. They can choose to start with a team comprised only free players. Should the team be successful they will be rewarded with prizes expressed in XFC. The XFC can be used in a variety of ways. One of these is to invest in the player cards of more famous players. These cards can help the managers further in the season or can prove a terrific investment later on.
FootballCoin - Free Fantasy Football game

Fantasy football managers can make as many changes as they see fit

Does your fantasy Champions League need to be the same from one week to the other? What if the players you have included in the team the week before get knocked out of the competition? In FootballCoin this is hardly a problem. Any manager can create a brand new team with each new contest. After all, FootballCoin is a daily fantasy game.
As for the paid player cards owned by a manager, they can choose to make use of them in a contest, or not, any time they see fit. This is something unique to most fantasy football systems. It is something that, the FootballCoin team believes, encourages competition and innovation from the managers.
Another feature found in the official UEFA Champions League fantasy football game competitions, as well as in most other similar ones, is the strict implementation of a budget. UEFA fantasy soccer fans will be familiar with this. Each manager is provided with a budget. They must use this budget, making sure not to go over the fixed cap, and choose players for their team. Choosing the perfect Champions League fantasy football game picks can become rather restrictive.

No budget concerns when assembling a squad of players

This rule can often feel constricting to managers. FootballCoin has opted for a different method. There is no fixed cap. There are no regulations about having to choose a set number of players from a set team or league. Instead, managers can choose players freely. They can change them from contest to contest if they wish to. Most players in any league and contests are represented by free cards. This means that all the managers in the competition have access to use them for their draft.
The players deemed to have had the most significant success in their careers are represented by collectible cards. Those need to be purchased from the FootballCoin market using XFC cryptocurrency. These cards are issued in a limited amount. Only the managers that own any of these cards may choose them for their team. This may offer the manager an advantage in the game. Or, it may not, depending on how the real games play out. Owning a card of Gareth Bale certainly seems to confer an edge given his history of scoring in important Champions League matches.

But, what if Bale is left on the substitute bench for the entire match? Or, what if a player from a lesser known team, a free player in FootballCoin, plays a great game where they score one or two goals. The manager that has opted for the lesser known footballer may end up being the winner of the contest based solely on his wise choices when assembling the draft. The UEFA Champions League fantasy picks need to be chosen based on a number of factors, not least the activity of the other managers.

FootballCoin, a game of skill above everything else

FootballCoin was conceived as a game that would challenge its users’ inventiveness. This applies to all the league st includes, the fantasy Champions League fantasy football game, especially. Because of this objective, the fantasy football fans of FootballCoin have few restrictions on how they wish to approach the game.

Champions League preview
Naturally, the majority of users will wish to live out their fantasy of managing their team in the UEFA fantasy Champions League. These users will have all the tools at their disposal to ensure they make wise choices about their drafts. By entering contests and performing well, the best managers earn XFC cryptocurrency prizes.
But, what about the users that want to try something different? FootballCoin offers them ample room to explore. For example, they may play the role of a football scout. Users are encouraged to find talented players. The scout may opt to purchase a card of a relatively unknown player and track their progress. The value of the cards changes depending on the performances of the players in real games. A card purchased at the right time may turn out to be a good investment. The card can be sold or gifted at any time by the card owner.

Users can organize their own contests

Another exciting way to approach FootballCoin is by organizing contests. FootballCoin organizes public contests for each important set of matches. But, users may also organize private contests. What is the goal of organizing a private contest in FootballCoin? Users may challenge their friends for a round of their own Champions League fantasy league. Or, the users who own a collectible stadium card may reap the rewards of organizing a private contest and earn a percentage of the entire prize pool.
The collectible stadium cards are also issued in limited supply. The cards represent some of the world’s most famous and respected football arenas. Owning a stadium guarantees the buyer the option of organizing contests whenever they want. When organizing a contest, the user gets to choose the matches and teams they wish to be included in the contest.
There are certainly also those for whom the biggest desire is to be a collector of the playing cards. The role of the collector is one that is tied within all sports. Football fans are known to invest in merchandise and memorabilia of every kind that brings them closer to the team that they support. In these regards, fantasy football (soccer) fans are not much different.

Fantasy Champions League requires great football knowledge

Perhaps this is the best moment to mention this again. FootballCoin is a game of skill, where all participants have a fair chance of winning contests based on how much they know of the beautiful game. There is nothing that is of greater help to a fantasy football manager than the use of stats and data.
FootballCoin is a daily fantasy game. Contests and teams are organized for each new series of matches. In this sense, so the FootballCoin Champions League contests may be included within the list of daily fantasy games. The UCL fantasy picks need to be chosen individually for each new contest. This continously offers managers a new chance of winning important prizes.
The majority of fantasy UEFA Champions League games include some information of past events. But, for the majority of cases, the data is scarce. Of course, you may find out who the best striker is, which goalie has been scored against the least amount of times etc. But, in order to choose a winning team, you must be one step ahead of your opponents. Only in this way can you bee worthy of your champions trophy in a fantasy league.

The Champions League fantasy scoring system

This is the reason why FootballCoin is happy to provide detailed stats on all fantasy football players involved in contests. Football teams and league scores are also included. This is the secret weapon for all the greatest virtual managers. Carefully analyzing the stats they are able to choose players that can score points. Being able to choose players that are undervalued, therefore not chosen by the majority of managers, can also give them an edge. It is how contests are won, and through this, XFC cryptocurrency.
At the end of the day, all managers abide by the same rules. The scoring system employed, divided into Easy and Pro versions, are the ones used in all leagues and contests. Knowing the scoring system in as detailed way as possible will increase your chances of winning. This is the reason why certain managers never stray from their strategy. Some may choose to play five midfielders over four. There are those who have a tendency of opting for midfielders of French teams in UEFA fantasy Champions League contests. Others choose the same goalkeeper in all contests. Recognizing the potential of the FootballCoin scoring system is the first step in creating your own style as a fantasy football manager. #uclfantasy is all about style and picks express the managers’ personalities and choices.

Changing the Champions League team? No problem with FootballCoin

FootballCoin has always strived to meet the requirements of its audience. For this, extensive research has been made of other fantasy football games and about the Champions League competition. It was determined that while certain games of high quality existed, improvements could be made. These changes were included in FootballCoin and updates are constantly being considered.

One of the key features in fantasy Champions League, as well as the other leagues, is the flexibility of changing your draft from one week to the other. The majority of fantasy football systems will include a strict budget. They will have set number of transfers. This largely means that the team a manager begins with is the one they are stuck with until the end of the season.
But, in FootballCoin, you are only as good as your last performance. A fantasy manager can opt to change their team completely from one contest to the other. Or, they can make absolutely no changes. This allow managers to develop their own style. It allows them to choose whether they want to give confidence to only a small number of players. Or, maybe, they wish to carefully watch the league and make changes to coincide with the fluctuation in player performances.
This option makes the contests all the more exciting. This is because it is not easy to win them with consistency. A manager cannot simply choose a side and forget about it for the rest of the season. There will always be a new manager ready to make bold choices and create a genuine offset. It makes the Champions League fantasy contests, and those of other leagues, all the more competitive and exciting.

The Champions League and all the other top leagues, together

When choosing to be part of a fantasy football community, the fan usually has to decide on what league they prefer. Do they know most about the Premier League or Serie A? Will they be watching games from La Liga more than from the Bundesliga? Only then do they choose the fantasy game they want to take part in.

But, FootballCoin believes that football unifies cultures. Fantasy football fans regularly support many teams. They are usually part of the audience of multiple football leagues. It is the reason why the best competitions in the world, the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga etc. , are all included in FootballCoin.
Champions League
Games from various leagues often meet in FootballCoin contests. Sure, there are those events that feature only games from one league, in order to keep things simple and to the point. But, it will be often that all the games played throughout a day, whether from Liga Nos, Super Lig or Ligue 1, are grouped together in one contest. This is a change of pace for all the FootballCoin users. It makes them have to make choices about the team they will be using, based on the teams that are involved in matches on the given day.

Private and public contests

It is best said then that contests in FootballCoin are not divided by leagues. Rather, the divisions is made between private and public contests. The public contests are those organized by FootballCoin itself. By and large, they coincide with the week’s games from a certain league. The prizes expressed in XFC coin, are provided by FootballCoin. The contests’ matches and rules and determined by FootballCoin.
But, football enthusiasts can always create their own contests. With so many matches playing each week, it happens that some matches do not get picked up for the public FootballCoin events. That doesn’t worry the fantasy fateful. They can choose those matches in any combination that they wish for their private events.
The organizers get to also choose the entry fee and the way in which the winner will be rewarded. If they choose to, they may also restrict the entry to a strict group of fantasy managers. Great grudge matches between some of the best fantasy managers in the game have been born out of the private contests. The Champions League fantasy events are no exception to this.

Investments in the fantasy Champions League, never evaporate

But, what about the Champions League stars of today, that will no longer have the same status in the future? Are those that purchase player cards to resign themselves to not being able to use them anymore? This is simply not the case in FootballCoin. A purchase made today is an investment in the future.
First of all, all the players that are no longer active in the leagues featured in FootballCoin are awarded the role of Assistant Manager. The same goes for the players that have reached the age of 35. Many of these players will still be active for their respective leagues. Certainly, they can still be used for the FootballCoin fantasy drafts.

Considering the future of the collectible cards

But, statistically, the age of 35 is one in which most players tend to consider retirement. It is why the FootballCoin developers decided on this feature. This means that when the player has indeed retired, their retain an important value. As Assistant Managers those cards automatically score points. The number of points is determined by the card’s ranking.
For example, in 2019 Dani Alves was still a member of Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions League. In FootballCoin, the Brazilian wing-back is listed as a 5* player. Also, in 2019, Dani Alves was 35 years old, going on 36. This means that managers could certainly use Alves as a player when assembling their draft.
It also means that they have the option to substitute Alves for an Assistant Manager role in the game. In this case, the card automatically brings 15 points to the team’s tally. Years on, when Alves has retired or no longer plays in a league listed in FootballCoin, he will retain the Assistant Manager status. The card’s ownership status will not change. And, the owner may still sell or gift the card, if they choose to do so.

Players no longer involved in FootballCoin’s leagues

With the ever-increasing popularity throughout the world, leagues outside of Europe have begun to compete for the attention of top players. Some of the biggest stars of past editions of the Champions League now employ their trade for teams in Asia, North America or Australia. FootballCoin is carefully monitoring those leagues. Still, for the time being, they are not featured in the game.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic stats
Fantasy football managers who are also owners of player cards need not worry about their players choosing to depart to one of the aforementioned locations. Those players retain their status as Assistant Manager. Their property of being a collectible card may also, in time, prove of significant interest.
What are the Champions League fantasy contests ultimately? They represent a chance for all football enthusiasts to use their hard-earned knowledge of the sport. It also represents a chance for fantasy fans to interact with one another using one of their passions as a motivation. Finally, the most knowledgeable UCL fantasy managers get repaid with XFC coin cryptocurrency.

XFC, the connecting point between FootballCoin’s numerous features

Why did FootballCoin choose to use XFC? FootballCoin’s goal is to bridge the gap between the world of sports and that of cryptocurrency. The reasons for this stems from the developer’s consistent belief that blockchain technology’s impact on the world will only increase in the coming years.
The XFC coin is the lifeblood of the FootballCoin economy. Its existence ensures that the game’s users’ rewards are exclusively theirs to own. The assets used in the game are meant to serve all those in the community, not only the game organizers.
Using XFC as the energy source for FootballCoin also safeguards the game’s existence over a long period of time. It helps create an internal economy governed by supply and demand. It’s an economy that effectively corrects its errors itself, through the actions of those involved in the community.

What are some good fantasy Champions League tips?

The beauty of fantasy football, much like the real game, lies in its diversity of strategies and styles. With that being said, there are methods to almost certainly ensure your draft is well prepared. There also exist fantasy football scout tips that change often. The UEFA Champions League fantasy tips are provided by the FootballCoin editors upon careful examination and analysis.
FootballCoin adds football articles and updates data consistently. Fantasy football users are encouraged to discover the information. They can use what they see fit in developing their own strategy. Information about injured and suspended players, or future star footballers are also included. In this way, the best managers know their Champions League fantasy soccer team is on course to producing good results.
Those that are looking to create their own Champions League fantasy league through private contests can also benefit from this information. Team rosters, player stats, commentary, and banter all part of the FootballCoin website package. All this can offer a more detailed perspective on the world on the UCL fantasy Champions League.
Also, there’s no better way of understanding your rivals than by studying their teams and strategies. Once a contest is over and all the results have been tallied up, all the team drafts registered to the contest become publicly available. Feel free to use this tool to understand what others have done well and make sure to adapt your own strategies accordingly.

How will the fantasy Champions League contests evolve in the future?

Few things are certain in life. Other than taxes and death, the ongoing popularity of the Champions League seems to be one of those things. Since its start, its popularity has never deteriorated. If anything, the rebranding of the competition during the 1990s, only served to make it more famous.
A more recent addition to public consciousness, fantasy football, seems to be on a similar trajectory. The concept only took a few years to be adopted by a mass audience during the 1990s. Since then, the number of fantasy managers, fantasy leagues and fantasy games has grown steadily. Recent projections show no sign of this development slowing down in the future. The official UEFA Champions League fantasy game contests may hopefully follow a similar pattern.
Ronaldo Champions League
FootballCoin, is the youngest of all of these but has enjoyed a similar evolution. With each new season, features have been added. Efforts to popularize the game have been made. New dans have joined the ranks of the FootballCoin community.
The fantasy Champions League will remain one of the cornerstones of the FootballCoin game. All of the teams and players participating in each new season of the league will find their way into the game. They will be available for selection by the fantasy football managers.

Maintaining the initial mission and vision

As a whole, the FootballCoin developers are not looking to rest on their laurels. Rather, they are looking to do what they have always done, improve the game. Even while writing this, updates and improvements for the site are being considered. They have been chosen carefully to respond to market needs. Fan feedback has also been taken into account. Not least of all, the FootballCoin’s developers’ initial vision always serves as a blueprint for the improvements made to the game.
At the moment of writing this, the fantasy Champions League is in full swing. Commentary about recent matches is dominating the sports news. Fans are debating this year’s winners. Fantasy managers are taking notes. What about you? Do not miss out! It’s easy and it’s free. Register your FootballCoin account, create your perfect fantasy draft and reward yourself with XFC cryptocurrency!


What is the UEFA Champions League fantasy football?

The UEFA Champions League fantasy football is a type of fantasy sports game in which users get to create a draft composed of players that are active in the competition. Users’ teams win and lose based on the real performances of the players they have chosen.

While UEFA has licensed an official version of the fantasy sports game, other similar games exist, such as FootballCoin which, similarly, has acquired the right to use the names and information of all clubs taking part in the competition.

Is UEFA Champions League fantasy free?

The UCL fantasy game is free to play. In the UCL’s official game, users are offered a virtual budget that they can use to purchase players for each position.

Similarly, the Champions League contests from FootballCoin are free to play. Teams are created using free and collectible player cards. The collectible cards are issued on blockchain and need to be purchased from the game market.

How to play UEFA Champions League fantasy football?

In the fantasy UCL game, users test their knowledge of football by becoming virtual owners of football players. These players receive points based on how good their real-life performances have been.

In FootballCoin, users take part in daily contests. The teams that accumulate the highest number of points, win the contests and are awarded prizes.

How do I change formation on UCL Fantasy?

A users’ UCL fantasy tam can play in any formation provided they have chosen one Goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least two midfielders, and, at least one forward. Changes to the team are made from the “My Team” section of the website. When using a Wildcard or other boosters, the user cannot make changes to the formation of the team.

In FootballCoin, however, the formation of the team can be changed from one contest to another. Also, the team’s squad can be changed entirely from one contest to another.

When UCL fantasy starts?

The UCL fantasy competition begins ahead of the start of the real Champions League competition. In UEFA’s official version of the game, users are given a budget of € 100 to use for the creation of their squad. Similarly, in other UCL fantasy games such as FootballCoin, the event begins ahead of the start of the first Champions League match. A new contest is organized to coincide with each new week of the competition. Team owners can change their squad and formation from one even to the other.