Assistant Manager Cards Distribution

December 11, 2017

by andrei4digital

In the FootballCoin economy the Assistant Managers are chosen from one of the following:

  • former players who have retired from football;
  • football players who have moved to a league not featured in the FootballCoin game;
  • players that are still active, older than 35 years and who have a ranking of a minimum of 3***;

There are two major type of assistant manager cards, based on these rankings:

Free assistant manager cards

These are cards generated for football players with a rank of 1* or 2 *. The cards are free and can be used in an unlimited number of teams and contests by any user. Free cards are not issued as tokens on the blockchain.

Assistant manager cards with a featured value

These are cards generated for higher rank assistant managers: 3 *, 4 * and 5 *. These assistant manager cards have a value and can be traded by users (against XFC Coin) on the in-game market. The price is determined by supply and demand.

Assistant manager cards with a featured value are digital tokens issued in a limited and fixed amount on the blockchain. These cards can be used in the game only by users that have them in their game account.

To begin with, the Assistant Manager positions within the FootballCoin game will be filled by players above the age of 35. The cards can be used with a double role within the team:

  • That of football player, playing on his regular position and registered to the league in which he is playing in actuality
  • Assistant manager in any team/league/competition


The Assistant Manager position exists in the FootballGame for a series of reasons. First, this will add an additional element that can be used by Managers in creating their team strategy, seeing as how the Assistant Manager can bring the team points from the bench.

Most importantly, the creation of the Assistant Manager position will help FootballCoin players get the best from their initial investment, since they will be able to use a player even after retirement. It will also help create a balance between the purchase of youth and older players.