Brazil and Belgium barely make it to the World Cup quarterfinals

July 03, 2018

by xfciulia

belgium footballcoin world cup 2018 fantasy football

Monday’s matches got really close to end up with two major surprises. Brazil and Belgium barely make it. In the end, the experience of the Brazilian and Belgian players helped them to succeed. The two teams had qualified and will play against each other in the quarterfinals. There is no surprise that the winning teams from the FootballCoin contests had many football player cards from the two winning teams.

The winner of the Free Tour contest chose a classic game formula, 4-4-2. The manager picked some of the most famous players from the Monday’s games. Neymar (59.10 points) and Eden Hazard (48.96 points) were chosen in front of the team. But the winning squad also included free play cards. Thiago Silva (28.57 points) and Thomas Meunier (52.90 points) were present in the winning team as well. The last two had a good overall performance throughout the tournament. Silva got a total of 119.26 points, as Brazil’s captain. Meunier got a total of only 69.82 points because he didn’t perform in the game against England. 

belgium footballcoin world cup 2018 fantasy football

The Japanese and Mexicans footballers cards weren’t used that much. But doing so wasn’t the best decision. Although both were eliminated after Monday’s games, we want to remind you of some remarkable performances of the free player cards in FootballCoin, which were not part of Brazil and Belgium teams.


  • Inui, Takashi (Japan) – 40.33 points


  • Ochoa, Guillermo (Mexico) – 36.79 points
  • Kagawa, Shinjic (Japan) –  34.59 points
  • Lozano, Hirving  (Mexico) – 29.07 points
  • Haraguchi, Genki (Japan) –  36.03 points



The winning squad of the Free DUP contest, has a similar game formula, as of the other’s winner. Most of the players were Brazilian and Belgian. Gabriel Jesus (free player card), who performed in all games so far, scored 25.94 points, with a total of 70.11 points in the tournament. The offensive side of Brazil was a bit under what was expected. But they will get another chance to prove themselves in the quarterfinals.

Another free Brazilian footballer, Paulinho, performed once more for the Selecao squad. The Barcelona midfielder scores 28.17 points. He proved to be a good choice for the FootballCoin virtual managers. 

There is only one thing which could have made this team even more successful. The manager picked Thibaut Courtois to be part of the first team. That seemed to be the right choice, at the moment. Unfortunately, the Belgian goalkeeper conceived two goals, making Belgium struggle for the quarterfinals qualification. 

The Brazilian goalkeeper, Allison, was chosen, by the manager, to be a substitute. Allison didn’t conceive any goals, had some good interventions and ended scoring a better than the Belgian one. Looking forward to seeing who will the FootballCoin managers prefer for the quarterfinals.

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