Samuel Umtiti is the player of the day in FootballCoin. Lukaku is the big disappointment

July 11, 2018

by xfciulia

france vs belgium world cup

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France versus Belgium. Belgium misses the qualifying World Cup final, after the tight defeat against France. Most likely, the game will be forgotten fast by most football fans.

Almost half of the goals scored during this tournament, where scored from fixed positions. Roberto Martinez, the Belgian coach, seemed to underestimate once more the goal aspect. France reached its objective, passed on the show, and the Deschamps’ team qualifies for the second final in an international competition, in the last 2 years.

Let’s talk about the best and the weakest football players, according to their FootballCoin score:

Samuel Umtiti – 62 points

He scored the qualifying goal for France. Moreover, he did so despite Fellaini’s blockage, which was an essential part of the Belgian game, when they faced Brazil, in the quarterfinals.

Umiti’s goal is one of the few things worth remembering from this game. Except for that one good shot, the Barcelona’s defender did a good job, together with R. Varane to reject the attacks of Lukaku and Hazard.

hazard belgium world cup

Eden Hazard – 38.44 points

Hazard tried to create spaces for his teammates while assuming the role of a team leader. His dribblings abilities, showcased in the last part of the game, reminded fans why famous clubs, like Real Madrid, want him as a potential replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kylian Mbappe – 38.25 points


At just 19 years of age, Mbappe is a starting player for France and is set to play in the final of the World Cup. The PSG forward managed to keep Belgiumțs defence occupied, offered a brilliant backheel pass to O. Giroud that left him with only the keeper to beat and won France some time in the closing stages of the game. Paris Saint-Germain will probably have some transfer offers to answer to in the following days.

lukaku belgium world cup


Romelu Lukaku – 14.73 points


The Manchester United striker looked stranded among the French defenders. Bringing in Mertens and Batshuayi in the second half didn’t help matters. When the chance presented itself, Lukaku was uninspired and could score the decisive goal.


Olivier Giroud – 24.14 points


Giroud was once again Deschamps’ choice for the starting forward position. The Chelsea player now continues his series of matches without a goal for France. In the second half, the inspired pass courtesy of Mbappe put Giroud in a great position, but the forward was unable to beat the Belgium keeper T.Courtois. Despite the repeated criticism from fans, Giroud is expected to return to the starting line-up for the final.


Nacer Chadli – 24.14 points


The decisive goal against Japan guaranteed him a starting place in Belgium’s line-up. Chadli was among 10 Belgium players active in the Premier League. Only that as opposed to his teammates, the midfielder plays sporadically for WBA. not Manchester City, United or Chelsea. Chadli did not play badly mind you. But he was uninspired and was not able to provide good support to Belgium’s attacking players.


We salute the performances of the winners in last night’s contests. Congratulations!


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