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April 19, 2019

by xfcedi

La Liga fantasy - Real Madrid lifting the Primera Division's legendary trophy
Perhaps no other competition in contemporary times has done quite as much to popularize football across the world than La Liga. Of course, La Liga’s indelible mark wouldn’t have been quite as profound were it not for one match. El Clasico. The match between Spain’s biggest two teams, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Here is how FootballCoin has set up its own La Liga Fantasy. 

But, the famous derby has been far from the Spanish league’s only carefully tucked away trick. The other 18 teams in the league have functioned as a sort of barometer for the quality of European football. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. LaLiga teams are frequent participants to the latter stages of the Champions League and Europa League. They more often than not, win them. For example, FC Sevilla is the team to have won the UEL the most number of times.  And, La Liga is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world. Television stations on every continent broadcast the Spanish matches. Fans of La Liga teams can be found the world over.FootballCoin - Free Fantasy Football gameMaybe, no other phenomenon in football has had quite the sharp rise of fantasy football. Since the beginning of the 1990s, millions of football fans have embraced the gaming concept. La Liga Santander has been judged especially favorably by fantasy manager enthusiasts. It seems only natural given the constellation of football stars applying their trade in

The fantasy Spanish Primera Division has long been one of the priorities of the FootballCoin team. Simply put, few, if any, leagues can boast having the incredibly high number of quality players that La Liga features. It is, thus, one of the highlights of any regular week in the fantasy football platform of FootballCoin.

Becoming a collector of fantasy La Liga memories

This is, also, one of the most commented upon series of contests. It is because the FootballCoin community is essentially one of highly opinionated football fans. The matches from Spain’s top league are regularly the ones that they and ourselves, as fans, enjoy watching. Important XFC prizes are reserved for all those finishing the fantasy football contests with a result worthy of praise.

 What if you could own a part of history? With the FootballCoin collectible cards you can do just that. We have all heard stories those stories of baseball cards. The ones issued for top players decades prior, going on to become incredibly sought after as collectible items.
Antoine Griezmann - Atletico Madrid, La Liga fantasy football

It is safe to say that the quality of Lionel Messi’s playing will easily find its way into every history book on football. Players like Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez, Sergio Ramos are also creating history before our very eyes. FootballCoin features collectible cards of all the players involved in La Liga. These cards not only allow them to use the players’ talent and potential within a fantasy football contest. Also, they allow you to invest in the future by owning a piece of what defines our present.

FootballCoin is a fantasy football game in which managers get rewarded for their wise choices. La Liga fantasy lets the manager decide what team they wish to assemble regardless of the clubs the squad members play for. Once the line-up and substitutes are set up, they are sent into battle. Their opponents are the teams created by the other members of the fantasy football community.

How do you choose your La Liga fantasy team?

The Primera Division is one of the most beloved sporting competitions in the world for a good reason. It regularly features some of the best football players in the world. Sure, the biggest teams in Spain get the lion’s share of football talent. But, all of the 20 teams have the resources needed to attract accomplished and, often, famous footballers.

The goal of FootballCoin is to act as a manager and create the best possible line-up for your team.In FootballCoin’s LaLiga fantasy contests, our virtual managers community get to choose from the myriad of gifted players from the 20 teams that make up the Primera Division.

You will need a first 11. You will also be required to choose your substitute bench. Strategy is everything and the manager will have to decide on a formation with which to enter the contest. Will you prize defense, over attack? Or, are you more conservative, opting for the tried and tested 4-4-2?

What are the tricks? The La Liga Santander fantasy trucos. Everybody is participating in the contests with the goal to win points and XFC prizes. But, each manager has their own strategy. Some have a knack for finding the undervalued strikers that score consistently. Others, swear by the importance of the midfielders for a successful season. Still, there is no better way to rack up points than by choosing powerful defenders that also contribute goals and assists.

There is no set formula, of course. But, in the FootballCoin community, we have a great time discussing the various strategies and formulas. We cover these in our blog area, offer scouting tips.

We continue the conversation going through a free-flowing FootballCoin chat.

Who are the prime suspects for La Liga fantasy team?

For years there was one conceit that endured about La Liga no matter what. It was, to some, merely the competition in which FC Barcelona and Real Madrid took part. The other 18 participants were there as pacemakers for the two giants. Well, I am here to, once again, state this is not the case. And, for those worrying that their La Liga fantasy draft will include solely members of the two sides, fear not. It is entirely unlikely this will happen. It is very unlikely you wish this to happen, in fact.

Zineidne Zidane and Sergios Ramos - Real Madrid, La Liga Fantasy in FootballCoinFor one thing, history has thrown a wrench into this equation. It is true that the last team, apart from the aforementioned behemoths, to win La Liga, did so in 2004. That club was Valencia. The Bats had also won the competition two years prior. And, even though, they have not repeated the feat, they have certainly one of the teams to seriously consider as favorites to earn silverware.

Then, there is the intriguing case of Atletico Madrid during the last decade. Modern-day Atleti is certain to earn a place in the history books. Yes, they always seemed to braze outstanding La Liga success. But, the quality of their performances is undeniable. And, their players have long been among the ones most favored by fantasy football managers.

There are thousands of football players employed all over the world. It is hard to judge what is should be considered a successful career. But, among the uncertainty,  La Liga stands as a beacon. Few, if any, players not of an excellent standard ever get to play for a team in La Liga. We would be willing to argue that the team situated bottom of the Primera Division needs to be among the top teams in Europe

Simply put, La Liga is built to be an elite competition. The interest and fan support it generates help the league’s business model flourish. The effect of this is that clubs are able to invest a good deal of money in bringing top players to the league and offering them the best possible conditions. Fantasy La Liga is just as consistent. Expect the best, week in, week out.

Football fantasy league La Liga

At the moment of writing, SD Huesca is the bottom of the La Liga table. Despite this fact, a credible football report on the quality of each European league lists them as the 151st best club across the continent. Five Spanish clubs find their way into the Top 20 of the same study. More than half of the current day La Liga are in there, among the top 50. That is impressive!

This and the FootballCoin system ensure some of the best options for your fantasy football draft will arrive from lower ranked clubs. Take this season, for example. Out of the top-ranked ten players in FootballCoin’s LaLiga fantasy contests, only four belong to the rivals of El Clasico. In fact, those four are all FC Barcelona players. The Galacticos of Real Madrid have no players among the Top Ten.

Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona teammates - La Liga fantasy footballThe top position is held, understandably and expectedly, by Lionel Messi. His dominance in the competition is something that is beyond dispute. But, directly below him are surprising findings. Dani Parejo from Valencia is runners-up. Another defender, youngster Sergio Canales from Real Betis, rounds up the top three. Their performances have been much praised this season. But, few would have anticipated just how influential they would turn out to be during the campaign. The Laliga fantasy manager that took a chance on the players will rightfully be congratulating themselves.

Collectible cards and your La Liga fantasy team

There’s an innate desire of human beings to own a part of the things they hold dearest to them. Football fans are no different. We collect memorabilia, wear the shirts or caps of our favorite teams, and some go so far as tattoo their body with symbols of the clubs that they support. Others, less wisely tattoo QR codes of their favorite footie videos, prior to it being removed.

Collectible cards have been a part of the football world ever since I can personally remember. As children, we used to collect cards depicting players taking part in a World Cup or Euro. We would trade among ourselves and worry about the ones we didn’t have. Our ultimate goal was to have a complete collection.

But, those cards were merely images of the players. Sure, they offered us bragging rights. Yes, there was a feeling of achievement that came along with completing the collection. That is where it ended though. The cards would languish for years in some dusty drawer. Later we would dig it up and have a look for old time’s sake. 

Similarly, modern computer games will allow you to collect items. Those help you become a better participant. But, the question lingers. Are you really the owner of those items? Or, are you simply supplying the game manufacturers with the elements they need to create their business model.

The value of FootballCoin collectible cards

Owning a collectible card in FootballCoin gives you and only you, full rights over the card. These cards are issued in limited amount using the blockchain system. This means that each unit is marked with a unique code. The claim over one of the cards is no different than ownership over a book, a building, or a car.

And, yes, the card can help you achieve better results in FootballCoin. Is everyone in the game going to own a card of Lionel Messi or Antoine Griezmann. No! Since they are issued in limited supply and offered to the market in increments, it is guaranteed that only a small number of users will benefit from using these cards in contests.

The cards themselves have additional benefits that do not refer simply to their use in fantasy football contests. For example, a FootballCoin fan can take advantage of the players’ market. The role of the agent can be profitable for those that are able to properly evaluate a player. Buy low, sell big! Buy in bulk, sell at the right time! Whatever your strategy is, you can make use of it and earn a handsome cryptocurrency profit in the process.

Are collectible cards required to play La Liga fantasy football?

No, the majority of the cards used in FootballCoin are free. Anyone playing the game is able to draft those players for their team. The collectible cards, a minority, need to be purchased from the game market. Their value is expressed in XFC, FootballCoin’s official currency. The paid cards normally represent established players. They are usually winners of several trophies throughout their careers.

Teams consisting entirely of free player cards, good enough to win fantasy contests, are a frequent occurrence in FootballCoin. The game is, ultimately, a game of skill. It rewards those with sound strategies. The best managers are those that follow football closely. They are able to make the decisions that set them apart from other fantasy football managers.

At the time of writing this, the above applies for the last team to have won the free La Liga contest. The manager was inspired to bank on free players such as Malcom (Barcelona), Giovani Lo Celso (Real Betis), or Neto (Valencia). All of them offered great performances and helped the manager to victory. Yes, his team was peppered with some paid player cards. But, we looked at the manager’s back record. We are willing to bet he would have been able to perform just as well with a team comprised of entirely free player cards.

All Spanish La Liga games are included in FootballCoin

Let’s go back to our initial idea. La Liga is a competition bubbling over with rivalries and derbies galore. Above all of them stands the El Clasico, the match watched by a significant percentage of the population’s planet. Each week sees some of the best teams Europe battle it out for points and reputation.

If you are new to FootballCoin you may right now be wondering just how many Primera Division games are part of the fantasy football game? The answer is that all of the games in La Liga are included in FootballCoin. None of the players active in a season of the league are missing either.

FootballCoin - Free Fantasy Football game

FootballCoin public and private fantasy football contests

Numerous fantasy football games include a system deployed throughout a season. In other words, the manager is expected to create a team that they will use throughout the year. Now, that is a commitment! FootballCoin chose to act differently. The game employs a daily fantasy sports system. All of the games, from the leagues, featured, throughout a particular day may be included in the FootballCoin daily contests.

Ben Yedder - Sevilla player, a highlight of the Fantasy La Liga in FootballCoinThe FootballCoin team organizes numerous public contests throughout a week. These coincide with all the important events in European football. La Liga is one of the priorities of the team. It is always included as a private contest that features exclusively matches from the Spanish first division.

However, users are encouraged to use the game in a way that suits their needs. The managers can easily turn into contest organizers. Any of the users may create their own contest. They will be able to choose the matches, name the contests, even pick the contestants.

Users may also join a private contest created by a fellow user. The private contests are generally free to enter, or feature a small entry fee. The private contests feature whatever entry fee has been decided upon by the organizer.

How do you set up your own La Liga football league?

To begin with, we must state the fact again. Any registered FootballCoin user may organize their own contest. The contests are really FootballCoin’s version of a fantasy league. They last until the final match included in the competition has ended and results have been tallied up.

Apart from player cards, FootballCoin has also included a system of stadium cards. The stadium cards ranked 2* are free ones and can be used by any user to create their contest. These contests can include up to 11 participants. Once all the 11 spots in the contest have been filled up, no extra contestants may join.

The fantasy La Liga users that own a stadium card ranked 3*, 4* or 5* may organize a private contest for a higher number of participants. The largest of the stadiums, the ones ranked 5*, may include an infinite number of participants.

This is good news for the organizer. They will not only be able to choose the matches to feature in the contest. They will also get to pick the entry fee the other participants will need to pay in order to join. As for the organizer, he/she will should be happy regardless of the results of the game. The organizer receives a percentage of the total prize pool. Not bad for setting up a fantasy football contest!

Iago Aspas Celta Vigo - Fantasy La LigaUsers may also choose to play solely with their friends. In this case, they may choose the option of adding a password that will accompany entrance to the contest. Once the entry fee has been paid and the correct password has been provided, the selected users may join the competition. Nothing beats having bragging rights over your friends and defeating them in a friendly competition. But, the prizes certainly come close.

The fantasy La Liga life hacks?

From the very beginning, one of the goals of FootballCoin’s developers was for the game to be self-sustaining. It is the reason for creating an internal economy that is regulated by the natural ebbs and flows off the market.

One of the ways in which the official fantasy game organically grows is by allowing the existence of numerous roles for its users. Obviously, the main role is that of manager. This implies creating a rock-solid team that can earn points and win fantasy football contests. The right fantasy picks will naturally attract rewards. 

But, managers are able to act scouts, contest organizers, speculators etc. All of these roles, when properly used can bring about a good profit for those choosing them. As a speculator, for example, the users are not even required to play the game. They may bank on the upward trajectory evolution of card prices, or of XFC cryptocurrency.

It is this microcosm of internal functions that creates the FootballCoin world. It takes everyone’s involvement for the game to remain exciting, realistic, and challenging.

Getting ready for a long fantasy Primera Division season and staying on top of things

You’re only as good as your last performance! That is an old saying that applies to all artists, including the ones active in football. This is also a saying that happens to be true for FootballCoin. One of the key tenants of the official fantasy game is that winning managers need to prove themselves each time they join a contest.

Juanfran - La Liga Injuries and SuspensionsWe have all suffered the frustration of joining a game where we are straying aimlessly away from the top position. This is true for many other fantasy football systems. This is true for real football as well. A poor season must be seen through. Only then can the team begin again and attempt to do what they had failed to before.

In FootballCoin, each manager must assemble their team for each contest. The players that make up the team are judged by their performances in one single game. It makes it essential then, that they stay up to date with the latest news and results.

It means that every new fantasy La Liga contest is a new dawn.  If your past results have not been what you would have wanted, do not despair. You have a chance to better yourself each week. Get informed, study the matches as best you can, and you too can be a winner.

The enduring popularity of La Liga and of fantasy football

As mentioned earlier, La Liga is, with certainty, one of the most prestigious and respected sporting competitions in the world. Its appeal shows no signs of decreasing. For decades it has been one the go tos for football fans across the world wanting to watch some of the sport’s greatest athletes.

The Primera Division is one of the most successful leagues in the world in terms of UEFA rankings, attendances, or of sponsorship deal. Given the impressive figures, it is certain that FootballCoin will continue to feature the esteemed competition among its football fantasy leagues.

Fantasy football in its modern state has a history of almost three decades. In spite of a relatively modest start, it now includes millions of fans worldwide. Fantasy football is a phenomenon that has enjoyed constant growth. And, it looks likely to continue on a similar trend in the years to come.

FootballCoin’s aim is to offer the best possible experience for those enthralled by fantasy sports. It looks to do the same for those fascinated with the concept of cryptocurrency. By bringing the two worlds together, the FootballCoin developers hope to create a world with it a thriving community that helps shape it.

What La Liga’s rivals are saying and how this reflects on fantasy football’s development

Make no mistake about it. We are living great and exciting times for football. We have a myriad of super clubs. For all their potential misgivings about financial fairplay, a serious issue no doubt, their matches tend to be modern-day dramas played before our eyes. The undeniable quality of the super clubs normally has a ripple effect on their competitors. They are forced to improve in order to remain on the same page with their adversaries.

But, what do La Liga’s rivals think about the competition? The battle between British and Spanish teams has played out especially doggedly for more than a decade. It is a combat situation akin to the Cold War arms race. Each clubs is perpetually looking to beef up their squads with the best players in the world. Not in few cases, the clubs stockpile talented players, just in case the right situation will arise when they will wish to use them.

The Premier League vs. La Liga rivalry

A famed British newspaper attempted to compare the Premier League with and Primera Division back in 2016. You would think that the writers would tend to be biased towards the players applying their trade on British soil.

That was not the case though. Many of the writers asked to contribute, favored La Liga. Their arguments included the number of international trophies won by Spanish teams, and the slightly superior quality of La Liga’s players.

Yes, the debate rages on. But, frankly, this is something that is entirely positive for football fans. And, it is something that will likely help fantasy football to grow even further. Indeed, football is the Greek tragedy of the modern, common man. The excitement of modern football makes us yearn to be a part of it. Football managers’ numerous options, make us develop our own opinions about how a squad should be handled.

Fantasy football offers us the chance to be part of the game. The best football leagues, such as La Liga and the Premier League, are hosted in FootballCoin. The game permits you to have your say, as a fan and as a manager. And, to top things off, it provides you with cryptocurrency rewards. Football was never closer to us than here and now!

Why choose FootballCoin over other La Liga fantasy football leagues?

First of all, we never look to smear negative information about other fantasy football games. That would be rather classless. More so, we believe that the world of fantasy football is ever expanding. We are excited to see the industry’s innovations, our own, or of others.

Ernesto Valverde - Barcelona, La Liga fantasyReally, we tend to think that FootballCoin is a different beast than the other fantasy football leagues. The goal of the organization is to merge fantasy sports with cryptocurrency. It is a strategy that is on a fast track towards success, having already established its credibility over a number of years.

The Spanish federation does have its own brand of fantasy football official fantasy game. It is a strategy that has been adopted by the majority of football competition organizers. This is a result of the massive popularity of fantasy football in England and Italy, in the early part of the 1990s.

Currently, the most famous such game, in Spain, is Marca La Liga fantasy. It is a game of fantasy football where results were published in the printed edition of the famous Spanish sports publication, Marca. At the moment, the data for Marca’s La Liga fantasy is published on a distinct website dedicated to the game. De Laliga fantasy Marca shares many characteristics with FootballCoin. One major difference, however, is the daily nature of fantasy contests, as well as the complex scoring system involved in FootballCoin contests. 

FootballCoin is aware of the existing fantasy football games. Not only that. The game developers embrace their existence and actively monitor those in an attempt to better our own activity. Secondly, FootballCoin offers a genuine alternative to the classic model of fantasy football games. In our game the assets belong to the users that have purchased them. The winnings are real, and the game can be enjoyed in numerous different ways by the members of the community.

Can you download LaLiga fantasy game in FootballCoin? Yes. While you can certainly enjoy the game online through the browser, you may also download the official FootballCoin app, giving access to La Liga and all other important football leagues. 

How does fantasy La Liga fit into FootballCoin’s grand scheme of things?

The La Liga fantasy contests are critical to FootballCoin, to the enjoyment of its users and to its development in the future. Just in the way that the Primera Division is certain to remain one of the most popular and esteemed sporting events in the world, so we are positive that FootballCoin will continue to support it.

Diego Simeone Antonio ConteThe developers, FootballCoin’s staff, its most ardent supporters, maintain the same ideal for the game. They desire for it to create a connection between fantasy sports and the world of cryptocurrency. And, while this is serious business indeed, they want it to happen while offering a game that is entertaining, challenging and credible.

Liverpool’s famed manager, Bill Shankly, had this to say about the beautiful game. “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”We, at FootballCoin tend to feel the same. If you are of a similar mind, join us! Register your account, create your teams and build a legacy!


Does la liga have a fantasy league?

While the Spanish Football Federation has not licensed an official fantasy game, as is the case, for example, in England, there are a number of high-profile options. One of these is the daily fantasy game of FootballCoin, a game built on blockchain technology. Another is the one set up by Marca, the well-known Spanish sports publication.

What is the LaLiga fantasy football?

LaLiga fantasy football is a game of fantasy sports where users get to purchase a squad of players that are active in the Spanish first tier of football. FootballCoin includes all of the teams and players from La Liga Santander and users are able to create new teams for each Gameweek, receiving rewards for their performances.

Is La Liga Fantasy Marca free?

In 2020, La Liga Fantasy Marca, the fantasy sports contest organized by the famous publication continues to be entirely free. Similarly free fantasy sports games involving La Liga teams include FootballCoin, the blockchain-based daily fantasy sports game.

How to play LaLiga fantasy football?

In LaLIga Fantasy Marca, registered users take part in public, private or sponsored leagues. The aim of the game is to create a virtual squad of players that earn more points than the squads assembled by their competitors. Points are awarded based on the stats published in Marca.
Similarly, FootballCoin allows users to create fantasy squads for each Gameweek. The teams receive points based on the players’ performances in real matches. The squads with the highest number of points receive prizes.

How do I change formation on LaLiga Fantasy?

LaLiga Fantasy Marca allows its users to use any of the well-known formations used by real-life managers, such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 5-4-1.
In daily fantasy games such as FootballCoin, managers can choose to change formation from one contest to another.

When La Liga fantasy starts?

The La Liga Fantasy Marca game begins at two stages throughout the season. First, users must register their teams ahead of the start of the first match of the season. Secondly, users are able to choose to “Create 2nd round League” through which they reset the original scores and create a new league with the same participants.
Daily fantasy sports game such as FootballCoin, allows users to take part in brand new contests that correspond to each new Gameweek. Users may make changes to their entire squad before the beginning of a new contest.