FootballCoin blockchain. General information about Digital Tokens exchange and XFC Wallet

December 17, 2017

by xfcedi

FootballCoin Blockchain

As many of FootballCoin’s users will be aware, the project has made the decision to create its own blockchain. This step will ensure that any probable scenarios for difficulties with the system will be successfully avoided.

Building the blockchain has been a complicated process, one that has involved a number of innovations. Once the process is complete it will allow users to buy and sell the currency, as well as store it safely. It will also bring with it a number of advantages, such as helping transactions be faster, safer and cheaper.

The wallet and the exchange service are currently being tested to make sure that there are no issues, technical or security wise, once they are released.

ATTENTION ALL THE links provided in this article are only for testing means. Feel free to test them out. The dev version of the game, the exchange and the wallet are all connected and can be tested.

The FootballCoin game

The transfer of cryptocurrency and digital assets will be made easily within the game.

The game platform itself will, also, benefit from a number of improvements. Many of these changes have been prompted by the feedback provided by our users.

We are currently working on the process and users are free to check out the developments and provide feedback before the new version of the game is open.

For this, please visit here

The Exchange Service

The creation of this service responds to an important need that our users have expressed. It is essentially a safety measure protecting our users and their investment.

You will be able to use the exchange by accessing the web page We will need to ask you not to send funds at this stage as the service is not yet functional and it is still being tested.

Once we have everything ready, we will make sure to provide instructions on how to use it. We will also make sure to respond to all inquiries on our current channels of communication.

It is important to note that the popularity of cryptocurrency has increased the number of transactions. Often times, this has lead to slow speeds and very high transaction costs. We wish to avoid these problems and offer a simple to use solution.

The Digital Wallet

You can, of course, have XFCCOIN in FootballCoin account. When you win a prize, the amount is transferred to your game account. You can choose to keep there or you can transfer it to the wallet.

The wallet will provide you the option of securing it with a password. Just as with the exchange, we will make sure to provide tutorials on how to use it, as well, as support to all questions our users might have. Here is a link to the wallet, currently in testing phase.

Once again, this is simply a test and the final version will be announced to the public.

FootballCoin aims to create a long-lasting project merging the crypto world with that of football. These developments will help us maintain the safety of our users and ensure that our service is easy to use and reliable.

Once more, we wish to thank everyone for the patience and support.

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