Special Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Rewards: Best Manager Challenge

June 07, 2024

by xfcedi

FootballCoin Prizes for Euro2024 Best Score

FootballCoin is once again looking for the best fantasy football managers and will reward them at the end of Euro 2024. The great news is that in addition to the daily prizes, the top participants will win additional prizes based on their placement on the leaderboard.

There are two types of prizes that each participant stands to win, and the overall prizes total more than 500.000 XFC.

Watching football and playing a free game that may earn you prizes, too? Yeah, that’s right!

Here’s how these challenges will work and what to expect from FootballCoin Euro 2024 fantasy.

Best Manager of Euro 2024

FootballCoin is all about taking on challenges and proving one’s skills. The game will feature all the Euro 2024 matches for its participants, with daily prizes guaranteed.

But shouldn’t there be a trophy for the best managers at the end of the tournament? We got that covered.

The best fantasy football managers can earn bonuses of up to 500.000 XFC, with the top prize standing at 25.000 XFC.

How do the challenges work?

FootballCoin will award tournament rewards to managers based on the Total Score or Total Points accrued during the competition. 

In a nutshell, the rules are as follows:

  • Join in as many Euro 2024 fantasy contests in FootballCoin
  • Earn a Total Score or a Total Points tally that lists you among the Top gamers for Euro contests
  • Get ready to receive XFC prizes of up to 500.000 XFC.

Let’s take a look at how The Total Score is caculated!

The Total Score is made up of two parts:

  • Points collected from official (free) contests

This will include 100% of the number of points earned by a user’s team in official contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from the official contests in which they’ve taken part.

  • Points amassed from private contests

This will contain 20% of the points collected by a user’s team in private contests + 20% of the XFC winnings from private contests.

For example, let’s assume you’ve joined one official (free) contest and a private one. Let’s also assume you won the same number of points and XFC prizes in both of them: 500 points and 500 XFC. Your total score based on those two contests would be (500 + 100) + (100+100)= 800 Total Score points.

To keep up to date with how well you are doing in the official contests, check real-time updates of the FootballCoin leaderboard.

NOTE: Head-to-head contests and Contests restricted by passwords will not count for the official score.

Prizes Based on Total Score

Focusing on earning the best manager by score is the best way to pick up XFC prizes at the end of this challenge.

Let’s break down the prizes for the top 25 managers in this challenge:

Prizes Based on Total Points

We have an extra bonus for fantasy managers who are looking to be more active than most.

Want to join as many contests as you can? This bonus is for you!

The Top 50 managers, determined by the Total Points coefficient, will qualify for this reward.

Their prizes include valuable FootballCoin Assistant Manager cards and GOLD in-game currency.

The rewards, based on ranking, are as follows:

FootballCoin Prizes for Euro2024 Top Points

Note: Total Points is the sum of all points accumulated through FootballCoin contests, except for head-to-head and password-protected contests. 

When are the results announced?

The challenge will end after the final of Euro 2024, which will be played on July 15th, 2024. The prizes will be automatically added to the winners’ accounts.

Can you win additional rewards?

Certainly! Make sure that you take advantage of opportunities to:

  • Win XFC rewards for each private or free contest set up in FootballCoin
  • Earn XFC through referrals
  • Earn XFC by setting up private contests
  • Earn gold and cards through daily challenges, etc.

Refer friends and win

Are you also looking to win prizes while helping your friends to do the same? There’s an easy way to do that!

Head over to your FootballCoin account, take your referral link, and share it with all of your friends. You will earn XFC from every invite.



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