FootballCoin welcomes you to its referral program through which you can earn while you help build the FootballCoin community.

Join our Referral Program and earn XFC cryptocurrency by promoting the FootballCoin game. 


Here are the steps to joining the program: 


  1. Join FootballCoin!


Once your account has been created, you will receive an email confirmation from the FootballCoin website. You will be able to join the contests, have access to the game’s detailed statistics and will be able to purchase FootballCoin’s digital assets.



  1. Promote FootballCoin!


By using your referral link, available in the FootballCoin profile, you will be able to earn the game’s cryptocurrency even when you are not playing. Instead, you will earn XFC coin by inviting others to play the game. 


  1. Earn XFC cryptocurrency!


When users join FootballCoin and play the game, you can earn a percentage of the fees collected for the private contests that the users have joined. Besides this, you can also earn XFC prizes through your own performances in the various FootballCoin contests. 

FootballCoin’s advantageous Referral Program


Earn whether you play FootballCoin or not! Help us build the fantasy football community!


** Earn up to 25% of everything FootballCoin makes.**


Additionally, you can earn as a Contest Manager when you own a collectible stadium card based on the stadium’s ranking in the following way: 

5% of the total prize pool for 5 * stadiums

4% of the total prize pool for 4 * stadiums

3% of the total prize pool for 3 * stadiums


Why should you join the FootballCoin referral system? 

  • Earn cryptocurrency profits whether you play the game or not
  • Develop your own fantasy football community
  • Earn based on the amount your referrals use for contests on the FootballCoin platform
  • Redeem the XFC cryptocurrency on Fiat, Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. using a compatible exchange service.


How does the affiliate program work: 

  1. When you join the FootballCoin game you are required to set up a unique account.
  2. Using the account you can be involved in all of the fantasy sports activities available on the platform. You also have access to a unique referral link set up inside your account
  3. Send your referral link to your friends and ask them to join FootballCoin
  4. When a new user joins FootballCoin using your link, the system will be notified of this. Each time that user joins a contest that requires an entry fee (many FootballCoin contests are free) you will receive a percentage of that fee
  5. The XFC you earn will be moved towards your account balance (Your account will display the fees that you are receiving from your referrals)
  6. Use the XFC you have earned as you see fit. You can save them in the game, use them for purchasing players, stadiums, joining contests, save them to a compatible wallet, exchange them for fiat or another cryptocurrency on an exchange that has included XFC.

**Explanation: The reward you receive is 1% of any amount your referral plays in the game.**