October 25, 2019


euro 2020 fantasy

FootballCoin welcomes you to its referral program through which you can earn while you help build the FootballCoin community.

Join our Referral Program here

and earn XFC cryptocurrency by promoting the FootballCoin game. 

You can now earn more and keep better track of who you invite to play FootballCoin. Get the referral code from your account.

You will receive XFC from all your invited friends. When and how much XFC you will get:

  • When your friend buys XFC with his credit or debit card or uses a voucher – you will receive 2% from his acquired amount.
  • When your friend buys a player’s package from the Market – you will receive 1% of the amount paid by him for the players’ package.
  • When your friend pays the entrance fee into a contest – you will get 2% from the participation tax (40% from the platform earnings).

Users can also earn Gold, a reward that they can use in the game to lease 2* rated players and for other activities.