Just How Effective Is Florian Wirtz in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football?

June 26, 2024

by xfcedi

Just How Effective Is Florian Wirtz in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football?

By Eduard Bănulescu

Florian Wirtz has had an incredible season with Bayer Leverkusen and started our Euro 2024 for Germany with a bang. Consequently, he has been hailed as a wonderkid, a savior of the national team, and, potentially, one of the world’s finest players.

But is all of that praise warranted? And, as pertains to discussions on this site, just how good is he as a pick in Euro 2024 fantasy football?

I’ve looked at the date, the games and used my very own powers of prediction and have come to a conclusion.

Florian Wirtz in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Florian Wirtz’s Stats in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Florian Wirtz has played in all three of Germany’s group games at Euro 2024. This makes it easier to evaluate his current worth and his potential.

Wirtz played almost exclusively on the right flank, often combining with Ilkay Gundogan to create goalscoring chances.

It’s a mixed bag. At times, the Bayer Leverkusen playmaker has been sublime. Other times, he has gotten himself lost in the shuffle and failed to be decisive. This is, however, criticism that can be aimed at most of his teammates as well.

What stats stand out in Florian Wirtz’s case? He scored a brilliant goal in the opening game. His passing success rate is 92%, nearly as good as Toni Kroos’. Wirtz has also taken 1.3 shots per game, 1.3 dribbles, and averaged one key pass.

Still, Wirtz’s one great performance was in the opening game against lowly Scotland.

Against Hungary, he was taken out in the 58th minute as Germany looked to maintain what could’ve proven to be a fragile lead. He was not impressive in this game.

Nor did he achieve much more in the 1-1 draw against Switzerland. In this game, he was taken out in the 76th minute. While many attacking plays had him as the creative engine, Wirtz offered few solutions to Germany’s numerous problems.

Will Wirtz Start in Germany’s Future Euro 2024 Games?

While there are question marks about several of Julian Nagesmann’s players, Florian Wirtz’s spot seems to be glued on.

The same can be said about the players with whom he most often cooperates, Gundogan and Kai Havertz.

Regardless of the outcome, the fact that the 21-year-old has been made an integral part of one of football’s most prestigious teams is certainly a reason for pride.

What is Florian Wirtz’s Potential and that of Germany

Florian Wirtz is a heavily hyped player. Let us not forget that he is only 21 years of age. Despite his youth, he has been largely Germany’s most talked-about player ahead of Euro 2024.

Wirtz’s achievements this year include doing the double in Germany, reaching the Europa League final, and becoming an undisputed starting player for Die Mannschaft. But he still needs to accumulate experience.

There are also question marks around this Germany side. There are also question marks about the actual worth of the Bundesliga, the league in which many of Die Mannschaft’s squad plays.

If Germany fails to win Euro 2024, it won’t be because of a talented 21-year-old. It may just be because Jonathan Tah, Maximilian Mittelstadt, or Niclas Fullkrug are decent players, but they are unremarkable.

Should You Have Florian Wirtz in Your Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Team?

Florian Wirtz is worth considering for inclusion in your Euro 2024 fantasy football team. But, for now, there may be better options out there.

Germany did not impress against Hungary and Switzerland. They will work hard to use the home crowd advantage and Toni Kroos’ excellent form to lead them forward.

Unless they do, they might get knocked out by a superior team. In such a game, it’s possible that Wirtz will only be able to do his job but won’t be able to express himself the way that he was allowed to do against teams like Hoffenheim or Darmstadt.


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