Does Your Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Team Need Jamal Musiala

July 02, 2024

by xfcedi

Does Your Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Team Need Jamal Musiala

By Eduard Bănulescu

Jamal Musiala, at 21 years old, is already no stranger to playing for the German national team. At Euro 2024, the talented midfielder seems to have finally come into his own.

But is this reflected in his score in fantasy football? With so many good players around, do you need to pick Musiala first?

I’ve looked at the stats, I’ve anticipated future results, and have an answer to your squad selection worries.

Jamal Musiala in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Musiala‘s Stats in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Germany’s form at this 2024 European Championship has convinced some fans and left many others wanting more. It’s fair to say that Jamal Musiala, for the most part, has been one of the players that have performed to a strong standard throughout.

Musiala played all four of Germany’s games so far. He scored 3 goals making him joint top scorer at Euro 2024.  Those are impressive stats, right?

Yes, but they might not be sustainable. Jamal Musiala greatly overperformed his xG, which was 0.9 goals or 0.26 per 90 minutes.

Furthermore, he averaged only 0.26 xAG (expected assists) per 90 minutes. That’s not great for a player with supporting duties.

What about his famous technique? His stats are interesting. He attempted more take-ons than all his teammates, 29. But he only successfully managed 11 of those. 

What about points in fantasy football? Jamal Musiala, in FootballCoin, is ranked as Germany’s fourth-best player in terms of points. That’s significant, seeing as how the likes of Kai Havertz or Florian Wirtz are ranked well behind him.

What Are the Chances of Musiala Playing Every Game for Germany?

Germany will play Spain in the Quarter-Finals of the tournament. Germany, of course, will have the advantage of playing the game on home soil.

Unless injured, Jamal Musiala should start every game for Germany for the foreseeable future, including the one against Spain. 

Does Your Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Team Need Jamal Musiala 2

What Are Germany’s Chances of Winning Euro 2024?

Germany has been one of the more impressive and famous teams in Euro 2024. There have been numerous disappointments.

However, the only team that has been more consistent has been Spain.

It’s not a stretch to say that if Germany manages to knockout the Spaniards, the team can go on to win the tournament outright. Doing this, however, will not be an easy task.

Do You Need Musiala in Your Fantasy Football Team?

For the time being, while Germany is still in the running, Musiala can be one of the best players in his position in Euro 2024 fantasy football. 

No, he does successfully pull off all of his dribbles or passes. Yes, it’s hard for him to sustain this goal-scoring record.

However, Musiala is involved in the vast majority of attacking plays devised by Germany, one of the strongest teams in this tournament.

Joining the Euro 2024 Challenge in FootballCoin

Now that you know Jamal Musiala can be a great asset for your fantasy football team, the only thing left to do is register in FootballCoin and put the knowledge to good use.

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