The 5 greatest passers in the MLS in 2019

June 18, 2019

by xfcedi

carlos vela

It’s not just getting the ball that counts. It’s what you do it once your team has possession. Today we take a look at the five best passers in MLS in 2019. We’relooking at stats from the fantasy football game, FootballCoin to help us make our choices.

1. Carlos Vela


Together with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Vela is perhaps the most recognizable face in the league. But, his fame and wages seem to be completely warranted if we go by Mexican player’s stats.

This season Vela has made 16 appearances, has provided six assists and, overall, has one of the best ratings of any player in MLS.

We are going to put his passing accuracy of just 74% down to the fact that Vela is known to seek out the killer pass. He averages more than 3 key passes per game and Los Angeles FC depends on him as their leader.

2. Jamiro Monteiro


A passing machine not unlike the midfielders applying their trade for the top La Liga sides, Monteiro has a passing accuracy of 87.8%. He has made 13 appearances for Philadelphia Union and provided three assists. At 25 years of age, we think there is still a lot to be shown from Monteiro.

3. Jonathan dos Santos


Speaking of passing accuracy. No other player in the league has done this better, in 2019, then dos Santos. The former Barcelona player averages more than 92% accuracy over 15 games in the MLS. In dos Santos, LA Galaxy, have a player of the highest caliber.

4. Eduard Atuesta


Los Angeles FC has another gifted passer in Atuesta. The Colombian has contributed six goal assists, has recorded over 87% passing success rate and has shown capable to deliver many of the passes as deftly executed long balls forward.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Arguably the MLS’s most famous player, Ibrahimovic is known especially for his prowess in front of goal. But, the LA Galaxy forward has shown capable of contributing a good deal to his team’s playing. Ibrahimovic has provided three assists and is generally a threat whenever on the ball. Those in charge of the MLS will certainly hope the Swede will consider remaining active in the league for a while yet.

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