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 XFCCOIN is the registered currency for the FootballCoin economy. XFCCOIN is a digital token that functions using the blockchain infrastructure of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an innovative infrastructure of payments and transfers of digital tokens. Bitcoin operates without the involvement of any central authority or bank. It uses peer-to-peer technology and the participants to the network have the benefit of being able to verify all transactions. This is because the transactions included in the database are done transparently and administration duties are carried out collectively.

The Bitcoin network offers complete security. Cryptocurrency users are protected from the most common fraud attempts such chargeback or unwanted expenses.

XFCCOIN , as well as Bitcoin and other digital tokens (player and stadium cards) are almost impossible to counterfeit. Each card is unique, encrypted and issued in a limited amount. The amount is known to all users in the cryptocurrency market.
Once they have purchased digital tokens for the game (XFCCOIN, player or stadium cards) users have complete ownership over these. They can choose to:

  • save them in their wallet;
  • use them in the game;
  • sell them in the cryptocurrency market;
  • freely transfer them to whomever they wish.

The transfer of tokens between users (regardless of their location) is done quickly (generally a few minutes) and the only taxes incurred are the ones specific to Bitcoin transactions. All transfers have a unique ID, registered in the Bitcoin blockchain. The cryptocurrency transactions can be seen instantly and transparently, by anybody.

Ownership over XFCCOIN, player and stadium cards, as well as transfers or transactions benefit from the anonimity typical of Bitcoin.

To be part of the FootballCoin Economy, to own, buy, sell or transfer digital tokens and game currency (XFCCOIN, player and stadium cards) you will need a digital Bitcoin wallet based on the Counterparty platform.

Examples of Bitcoin wallets based on Counterparty web-wallets:


When first registering a Bitcoin wallet based on Counterparty you will receive a password composed of 12 (24) random words named the seed. This represents a higher security measure and the seed will be used to generate the private key to your wallet.

Write this down and keep it secure!!! Should you lose this you will not be able to have access to your currency and tokens and those could be lost forever. If the key gets in the possession of somebody else, they will be able to gain access to your wallet.

Before using the wallet it is wise to first make sure you have correctly marked down the password. If not, it is best to generate a new cryptocurrency wallet and to pay more attention when marking down the password.

Afterwards you will be able to use the password in any type of wallet when wanting to have access to your currency and tokens. This key (the password) is encrypted and acts like a highly secure bank account. All owned cryptocurrency will be connected to this password.

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