What are Pique’s favorite teams to play in away games

April 30, 2017

by xfcedi

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique talked about his favorite stadiums to play, besides the Camp Nou. The player mentioned two of his team’s biggest rivals. 

Barcelona is in a title race against Real Madrid that looks likely to go towards the final minute. The teams are tied on points, with Real having a game in hand. Barcelona won their away game to Espanyol with a comfortable 0-3 victory. Striker Luis Suarez scored twice for Barca. Real Madrid responded by clinching a 0-5 victory away to Las Palmas.

Gerard Pique has never been one to mince words when speaking about his team’s rivals. When asked about his favorite stadiums to play, the defender nominated the grounds of Espanyol and Real Madrid.

“This stadium, together with Real Madrid’s, is where I have the most fun,” Pique said. “The majority of Espanyol supporters are polite, but there are always rowdy minorities. Those who shout come here to release their frustrations in life. I just have to remain focused on the match.”

Gerard Pique

Barcelona remain in the title race with the three points earned at the expense of Espanyol. Both themselves and Real Madrid must know that any misstep at this stage could end their chances of winning the Primera Division title. Pique has this to say about the game on Saturday.

“We played a superb match, we controlled the situation until the 1-0. Usually, we obtain positive results here and we managed to do it again. It’s never easy because they always want to spoil our season, but the final score proves we are superior.”

Pique has been outspoken about several of Barcelona’s rivals this season. The defender had the most to say about La Liga’s Real Madrid. Most recently, after Barca’s victory over Real, Pique talked about the referee’s decision to send of defender Sergio Ramos. The ref’s decision greatly influenced the game, but Pique feels it was the correct call.

“What happened is that the people here are used to that referees allow a lot of things and then when that does not happen… I saw Ramos pointing at me after the red card, but he will regret what happened when he sees the incident again. It was a very clear red card.”


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