Jeremie Frimpong’s stats & why we want him in fantasy football in 2021

July 29, 2020

by xfcedi

Jeremie Frimpong

Eduard Bănulescu

Jeremie Frimpong is one of the future’s potential superstars. Modern football is a never-ending conveyor-belt of talent. Frimpong’s 2019/20 performances for Celtic put him in a unique bracket, and we can’t wait to see him represented in fantasy football contests. Here’s why.

Jeremie Frimpong’s career so far

Jeremie Frimpong'

Frimpong is a Dutch 20-year-old right-back. While his formative years were spent at Manchester City, a club with one of England’s best football academies, he made a name for himself at Celtic F.C.

Remarkably he’s only played one season for the senior squad of the Scottish giants. However, his performances which have shown a keen tactical awareness, have garnered the attention of some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Frimpong’s 2019/20 season

The Dutch youth international is not the first, nor the last Man. City developed player forced to leave the club in order to find playing time.

Celtic are said to have paid an initial £350,000 fee for the youngster. The fee could rise to £1 million over the four year period of the contract.

Departing England left Jeremie Frimpong expectedly upset. His performances this year, however, may win him a new chance at playing in the EPL soon enough.

One of the world’s great right-backs?

Neil Lennon, Celtic’s manager, has invested a lot of trust in Frimpong straight away. In fact, the Dutchman has been the preferred starting player at right-back, ahead of the more experienced Moritz Bauer.

Frimpong has many of the qualities displayed by great modern wing-backs. The footballer is quick, possesses good ball control, and is able to spot pockets of space.

It’s the reason why he can often be seen contributing to Celtic’s attacks, given his propensity to move forward, find space, and provide vertical passes to his teammates.

When in defense, Frimpong plays an aggressive pressing game. His proactive approach to defending often allows him to win the ball back quickly and set Celtic’s attackers on a quick counter-attack run.

Jeremie Frimpong’s impressive stats in 2020

The young Dutch defender has played 14 games for Celtic in the Scottish Premiership. While this may not seem like a large number, it bears remembering that Frimpong was signed with a view to develop his abilities over several years.

The right-back managed two goals and an assist. In many of the matches in which he’s been involved, he provided 2-4 important crosses towards the target man. Frimpong has averaged 37 passes per game and has a decent completion rate of 37% He was named MOTM on three occasions.

Celtic is a legendary club, and we are in no way suggesting that Frimpong is living below his means. However, given what we mentioned, it is easy to understand why the lure of the Premier League may soon convince the Dutchman to enter back into the English football system.

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