Premier League – Team of the Year 2021/2022

June 07, 2022

by catalin

Eduard Bănulescu

The Premier League Team of the Year must be good. After all, it represents the cream of the crop from Europe and the World’s Best Football League. Yes, there’s little doubt that the EPL still deserves its accolades.

In a busy season, full of unexpected events, many of the players that had shone in recent seasons of the Premier League further cemented their reputation. These safe choices brought the fantasy football managers that picked them glory, and if they were playing FootballCoin, real rewards.

Just who makes the Team of the Year, or rather that of the entire 2021/2022 season? What are the odds that you’ll need these cards for the next fantasy football season? Let’s find out.

Alisson (Liverpool) – 1,030.00 points

Alisson’s season can be divided up into moments of great luck and of tremendous misfortune. The same can be said about The Reds’ run altogether. Yes, the Brazilian has a sensational defensive unit to look after him. But, when called upon the goalkeeper was in great form. Alisson has few keeping him company in terms of clean sheets this season. And, that is why he is in our Team of the Year.

Illan Meslier (Leeds) – 956.85 points

Illan Meslier is Alisson’s understudy in this team. The Leeds goalkeeper returns to the FootballCoin Team of the Year. It’s telling of a few things. Meslier has had plenty to work with. Leeds’ defense was often exposed this season. This also means that a player battling at the wrong side of the table can still make a name for themselves. Finally, it proves that Illan Meslier is a top goalkeeper.

Joao Cancelo (Manchester City) – 1,606.00 points

Joao Cancelo was one of Pep Guardiola’s personal projects. And, this season, in particular, was the moment when the rewards were reaped. Many of Manchester City’s attacks were spearheaded by Cancelo. This allowed him to make 7 assists and score a goal. It also meant that his progressive passes increased. Not least of all, Cancelo was forced to sharpen his tackling and interceptions. A great season from one of football’s best wing-backs.

Trent Arnold-Alexander (Liverpool) – 1,560.40 points

Trent-Alexander Arnold remains, arguably, the ultimate fantasy football EPL player. His extraordinary abilities and minor shortcomings defined Liverpool’s season. No other wing-back can dictate play like Alexander-Arnold. No other player encapsulates Liverpool’s spirit better. However, defensively, there were moments of vulnerability. Still, considering his stats, and the England international’s consistency, it’s hard not to pick him for the next season.

Andy Robertson (Liverpool) – 1,256.20 points

Andy Robertson does, almost, on the left side what Trent Alexander-Arnold manages on the right. The Scottish wing-back continues to thrive under pressure. His crossing and sprinting remain impeccable. His aggressive nature is helpful in setting up his defensive game. And, his willingness to put his teammates first makes Liverpool better.

Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) – 1,222.00 points

Virgil van Dijk’s return from injury coincided with Liverpool’s return as football headliners. Van Dijk is the general of Liverpool’s defense. A capable tackler, a superb passer, and a great leader, the Dutchman is one of football’s best players.

Antonio Rudiger (Chelsea) – 1,157.60 points

Antonio Rudiger may have fought to convince Chelsea managers of his place in the team. But, once he started his run of great performances, Thomas Tuchel became his strongest advocate. Rudiger is a ball-playing defender with a fierce strongman approach to playing. It was enough to warrant the interest of European champions Real Madrid where Rudiger will most likely play in the 2022/23 season.

James Ward Prowse (Southampton) – 1,337.25 points

James Ward Prowse may be the most underrated football superstar. The term is no exaggeration either. The Southampton midfielder, once again, returns to the EPL Team of the Year. This season, he is only one of two players from teams outside of The Big Six to make the grade. Ward Prowse shines in making his teammates look good. His ability to read the game and contribute to goal-scoring chances make him a tremendous asset. And, the fact that no other big club has poached him yet makes it a miracle.

Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United) – 1,221.50 points

Bruno Fernandes makes the list in a season where Manchester United hit rock bottom. The midfielder’s performances were less exciting as well. However, the stats still show him to be one of EPL’s finest. Just imagine him and United in top form!

Rodri (Manchester City) – 1,188.60 points

Rodri is another Pep Guardiola gamble that has paid off, albeit with a slight delay. In 2022, Rodri finally became one of Europe’s top defensive midfielders and a rightful heir to Fernandinho. It’s not just strength that helped him either. Rodri is one of the midfielders who has attempted the most passes of any player in Europe. He’s also one of the players with the best pass success rate. Rodri is only 25 years old and he is finally coming good on his early promise.

Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City) – 1,141.50 points

Saying that Kevin de Bruyne is a great midfielder is like saying that water is wet, or that the Sun is hot. It’s perfectly true and will surprise nobody. This season, de Bruyne dealt with injury, and changes made to the squad. Still, when available, he was Manchester City’s leader. He still interprets his free eight role brilliantly.

Pierre Hojberg (Tottenham) – 1,110.05 points

Pierre Hojberg proves that guts and determination can be the defining features of a successful EPL player. Under Antonio Conte, the Danish midfielder’s game really took off. Yes, he is still available to make the vital block or clearance. However, the stats show Hojberg‘s improvement. Under Conte, Hojberg became a great passer and reader of the game.

Son Heung-Min (Tottenham) – 1,217.45 points

Son Heung-Min helped cement the notion that the world’s greatest goalscorers aren’t classic strikers anymore. Deadly as a let-sided inside-forward, Heung-Min earned the EPL Golde Boot. Here’s a card that you’ll want to track down for next season.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 1,050.15 points

Mohamed Salah’s performances were, often, sublime this season. It wasn’t just his skill, his sprinting, or his gliding past defenders that impressed us. Salah scored plenty of important goals. However, it remains a season of what ifs for Liverpool and Salah. The Egyptian forward missed out on the Champions League, Premier League, Golden Boot trophy, and World Cup qualification. Despite all of this, there are many still ready to call him the Best player in the world.

Bukayo Saka (Arsenal) – 1,018.65 points

Bukayo Saka gave Arsenal supporters a reason to smile! It was a season that, ultimately, once again, left Arsenal a little bit off their objective. But, the Gunners’ youngsters give fans reasons to hope. Bukayo Saka is the most promising player on the list. The forward scored 11 goals and provided 7 assists in the EPL. He is, still, only 20 years old! Saka shows a great knack for controlling the ball under difficult circumstances, and for knowing how to utilize half-chances to his team’s advantage. Here’s a player you certainly want to consider for next season.

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