Announcing the Premier League player card packs

March 05, 2020

by xfcedi

FootballCoin is getting ready to release its recently announced batch of player card packs. Today we focus on the English Premier League. Here are the players that will be included in the packs, how the system will work and what happens to the player cards that are already on the game’s market.

Why is FootballCoin adding player packs to the game?

The addition of the packs is part of FootballCoin’s vision which includes a brand new design to the game, as well as new features. Some of these include a lease system for player and stadium cards, the auction option, or the opportunity to exchange cards.

The new game will include additional incentives for new and old players. The player packs are meant to make the game more dynamic and appeal to both new and old fantasy football managers.

What types of card packs will be available and how much will they cost?

The game will offer three types of player card packs: Standard, Epic and Legendary. For more information on how each pack is created and released, please visit our article regarding changes to the FootballCoin market.

Each player card pack will initially be placed on the market at the following cost:

Standard Packs
Pack Type3 Cards5 Cards
Europe1.000 XFC1.500 XFC
Spain1.200 XFC1.750 XFC
Italy1.200 XFC1.750 XFC
France1.200 XFC
Germany1.400 XFC2.000 XFC
England1.400 XFC2.000 XFC

What are the main changes to the FootballCoin market and game?

The release of the player packs will mean that a good percentage of the players in the game, featured in the main leagues, will now have a rating of 3*,4* and 5*.

FootballCoin will include a number of these players as part of promotional campaigns or as rewards to highly skilled managers. These promotions will be announced to the FootballCoin community ahead of time.

It’s important to note that players that have been on the market up to now, will no longer be sold by the FootballCoin website. Managers will be able to trade these cards or lease them out from owners of the cards. Furthermore, FootballCoin may choose to offer some cards as prizes in various promotional campaigns.

The English Premier League – Which players will be featured in the card packs?

After much consideration, FootballCoin has nominated a number of high performing Premier League players to be included in the player packs. The choices took into account the players’ market value, their recent performance, their reputation, as well as the need to maintain a good balance within the game itself.

FootballCoin will release:

  • 300 packs consisting of 3 players (will include 3 groups, each with 20 players, each player included 15 times)
  • 240 packs consisting of 5 players (will include 5 groups, each with 12 players, each player featured 20 times)

The players included will be divided into 3 groups for 3 card packs, or 5 groups for 5 cards packs, based on their estimated individual level.

Here’s the full list of Premier League players included in the 3 card packs. Each card will be available 15 times within the packs. Each player will begin being listed as a 3* player in FootballCoin. 

Group A

Manchester CityGKEDERSON – 15 cards
Manchester CityMFBERNARDO SILVA – 15 cards
Manchester CityMFRODRI – 15 cards
Manchester CityFWGABRIEL JESUS – 15 cards
LiverpoolGKALISSON BECKER – 15 cards
LiverpoolDF ANDREW ROBERTSON – 15 cards
LiverpoolMFFABINHO – 15 cards
TottenhamMFLUCAS MOURA – 15 cards
ArsenalGKBERND LENO – 15 cards
Manchester UnitedDF AARON WAN-BISSAKA – 15 cards
Manchester UnitDFHARRY MAGUIRE – 15 cards
EvertonGkJORDAN PICKFORD – 15 cards
LeicesterDFRICARDO PEREIRA – 15 cards
LeicesterMF JAMES MADDISON – 15 cards
Leicester City DF CAGLAR SOYUNCU – 15 cards
Leicester City DFBENJAMIN CHILWELL – 15 cards
Crystal PalaceMFZAHA WILFRIED – 15 cards

Group B

ChelseaDF KURT ZOUMA – 15 cards
ChelseaDFMARCOS ALONSO – 15 cards
ChelseaMF CHRISTIAN PULISIC – 15 cards
ChelseaFWTAMMY ABRAHAM – 15 cards
ChelseaMF MASON MOUNT – 15 cards
TottenhamDFDAVINSON SANCHEZ – 15 cards
TottenhamMFNDOMBELE TANGUY – 15 cards
TottenhamDFHARRY WINKS – 15 cards
TottenhamDF SERGE AURIER – 15 cards
ArsenalMFGUENDOUZI MATTEO – 15 cards
ArsenalFWNICOLAS PEPE – 15 cards
Manchester UnitDF VICTOR LINDELOF – 15 cards
WolverhamptonMFRUBEN NEVES – 15 cards
WolverhamptonFWRAUL JIMENEZ – 15 cards
WolverhamptonMF ADAMA TRAORE – 15 cards
EvertonDFYERRI MINA – 15 cards
EvertonFWRICHARLISON – 15 cards
Leicester City MFYOURI TIELEMANS – 15 cards
West HamMFDECLAN RICE – 15 cards

Group C

Manchester CityDF BENJAMIN MENDY – 15 cards
LiverpoolDF JOE GOMEZ – 15 cards
TottenhamMFGIOVANI LO CELSO – 15 cards
Manchester UnitedMF ANDREAS PEREIRA – 15 cards
Manchester UnitedMFFRED – 15 cards
WolverhamptonDF BENJAMIN DOHERTY – 15 cards
EvertonDFMICHAEL KEANE – 15 cards
West HamDF ISSA DIOP – 15 cards
Crystal PalaceMFLUKA MILIVOJEVIC – 15 cards
Southampton FCMF NATHAN REDMOND – 15 cards
West Ham UnitedDF AARON CRESSWELL – 15 cards
AFC BournemouthDF STEVE COOK – 15 cards
West Ham UnitedMF MARK NOBLE – 15 cards
Southampton FCDF RYAN BERTRAND – 15 cards
Everton FCDF SEAMUS COLEMAN – 15 cards
Southampton FCMF ORIOL ROMEU – 15 cards
Crystal PalaceMF JAMES MCCARTHY – 15 cards
Watford FCDF ADAM MASINA – 15 cards

Each pack includes a randomly selected player from each group.

Here’s the full list of Premier League players included in the 5 card packs. Each card will be available 20 times within the packs. Each player will begin being listed as a 3* player in FootballCoin. 

Group A

Manchester CityGKEDERSON – 20 cards
LiverpoolGKALISSON BECKER – 20 cards
LiverpoolDF ANDREW ROBERTSON – 20 cards
ArsenalGKBERND LENO – 20 cards
Manchester UnitedDFAARON WAN BISSAKA – 20 cards
Manchester UnitDFHARRY MAGUIRE – 20 cards
EvertonGkJORDAN PICKFORD – 20 cards
LeicesterDFRICARDO PEREIRA – 20 cards
Leicester City DFBENJAMIN CHILWELL – 20 cards
Leicester City DF CAGLAR SOYUNCU – 20 cards

Group B

Manchester CityMFBERNARDO SILVA – 20 cards
Manchester CityMFRODRI – 20 cards
Manchester CityFWGABRIEL JESUS – 20 cards
LiverpoolMFFABINHO – 20 cards
ChelseaFWTAMMY ABRAHAM – 20 cards
ChelseaMF MASON MOUNT – 20 cards
TottenhamMFLUCAS MOURA – 20 cards
ArsenalFWNICOLAS PEPE – 20 cards
LeicesterMFMADDISON JAMES – 20 cards
Crystal PalaceMFWILFRIED ZAHA – 20 cards

Group C

Manchester CityDFBENJAMIN MENDY – 20 cards
ChelseaDFMARCOS ALONSO – 20 cards
ChelseaMF CHRISTIAN PULISIC – 20 cards
TottenhamDFDAVINSON SANCHEZ – 20 cards
TottenhamDF HARRY WINKS – 20 cards
West HamDF ISSA DIOP – 20 cards
ChelseaDFKURT ZOUMA – 20 cards
TottenhamDF SERGE AURIER – 20 cards
Manchester UnitDF VICTOR LINDELOF – 20 cards
WolverhamptonDFMATT DOHERTY – 20 cards
EvertonDFMICHAEL KEANE – 20 cards
EvertonDFYERRI MINA – 20 cards

Group D

TottenhamMFNDOMBELE TANGUY – 20 cards
Manchester UnitedMFANDREAS PEREIRA – 20 cards
Manchester UnitedMFFRED – 20 cards
WolverhamptonMFRUBEN NEVES – 20 cards
WolverhamptonFWRAUL JIMENEZ – 20 cards
WolverhamptonMFADAMA TRAORE – 20 cards
EvertonFWRICHARLISON – 20 cards
Leicester City MFYOURI TIELEMANS – 20 cards
ArsenalMF MATTEO GUENDOUZI – 20 cards
West HamMF DECLAN RICE – 20 cards
Crystal PalaceMFLUKA MILIVOJEVIC – 20 cards
Norwich CityFWEMILIANO BUENDIA – 20 cards

Group E

LiverpoolDFJOE GOMEZ – 20 cards
TottenhamMFGIOVANI LO CELSO – 20 cards
Southampton FCMFNATHAN REDMOND – 20 cards
West Ham UnitedDFAARON CRESSWELL – 20 cards
AFC BournemouthDFSTEVE COOK – 20 cards
West Ham UnitedMFMARK NOBLE – 20 cards
Southampton FCDFRYAN BERTRAND – 20 cards
Everton FCDFSEAMUS COLEMAN – 20 cards
Southampton FCMFORIOL ROMEU – 20 cards
Crystal PalaceMFJAMES MCCARTHY – 20 cards
Watford FCDFADAM MASINA – 20 cards

Each pack includes a randomly selected player from each group.

We’re pleased to note that FootballCoin will begin testing the brand new features together members of the community and will prepare the release of the game based on the experiences.

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