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Changes to the FootballCoin market

The player and stadium market-place for FootballCoin cards has been a cornerstone of the game since its beginning. Because of its importance, some notable changes have been included in the new version of the game.

Here is a brief description of the most important changes that will be brought to the FootballCoin market.

FootballCoin Player Card Packs

FootballCoin introduces the concept of player packs. Users will have the option of purchasing a pack instead of individual players as had been the case so far.

Initially, the player packs will include especially players that have been upgraded to a 3* rating. Furthermore, initially, only 3* player packs will be available.

The packs will include 3 or 5 player cards. FootballCoin will attempt to include useful, active players. Furthermore, the game developers will attempt to have the packs offered on the market at sensible pricing.

Newly introduced leagues among collectible cards

The new market will be intensely upgraded with new players. Most of these players are ones that will be upgraded to a 3* rating. If the player had previously held a rating lower than 3*, they will join the market as 3*, not higher regardless of their fame.

For example, collectible cards of superstars such as Kylian Mbappe or Robert Lewandowski, will enter the market at a 3*. The cards may be evolved to a different status in no less than 6 months.

The new market-place will include the leagues of Bundesliga (Germany) and Ligue 1. The most important players from these famous leagues will be included among the list of collectible cards.

It’s important to note that FootballCoin will no longer sell individual cards on the market. It will only sell player packs. And, only individual users will have the option of selling individual cards on the market.

Types of player card packs

Three types of player card packs will enter the market as follows:


– This will initially include mostly newly promoted players (Players that did not have the 3* rating previously)

– It will only include three or five players in a pack

– The three/five players will be included as to fit into different types of groups based on the players’ reputation and form (A,B,C / A,B,C,D,E)

– FootballCoin will announce which players will be included in a batch of new card packs


– These card packs will be put on the market on special occasions (e.g. an important upcoming tournament)

– These packs will include newer players, as well as older players. This means that some quality players that have been taken off the market may be found here. 

– These will also include 4* rated players


– These packs will also be included occasionally

– It will include players possessing a great reputation

– These packs include the best known and most sought after player cards 

– These will also include 5* rated players

What player card packs will include

Player packs will be created, for the most part, to include players from a given league. This will benefit managers who largely focus on one area.

The packs will be divided up in the following way:

  • Individual packs – Packs that include players from individual leagues (All from the Premier League, All from Serie A etc.)
  • Europe packs – Packs that include only players from European Leagues (It could, for example, include players from EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A in the same pack)
  • International packs (Packs from players active outside of Europe, in the Chinese Super League or Major League Soccer).


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