Luis Enrique talks about Iniesta’s future at Barcelona

March 19, 2017

by xfcedi

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique says Iniesta’s future at the Camp Nou will be up to the midfielder to decide. Iniesta’s contract will expire at the end of the season. With a stellar career at Barcelona, the player hinted that he would like to end his career at the club. 

Outstanding legacy built at Barcelona

Andres Iniesta continues to be one of Barcelona’s most important players. The midfielder recently spoke about his decision to accept a contract renewal. He said that maintaining the same importance to the team will be a determining factor in his decision.

Barcelona’s recent track record of managing older players’ contracts has not been the best. Previously, the club parted ways with emblematic players like Dani Alves and Xavi Hernández. Alves was especially critical of Barca’s board and their decision to let the players go.

Recent reports suggested Iniesta has received offers to move to the Chinese Super League. One such reports even suggested the offer included a yearly paycheck of €35million. Manager Luis Enrique says that most likely the decision to remain at the club will be up the player. Enrique didn’t rule out the possibility that Iniesta may be eager to try on a new challenge at this stage in his career.

“I think we saw the best version of Iniesta at the start of the season but he has suffered two big injuries,” Enrique told reporters. “Now he looks to be on that same path again and he’s going to bring us a lot.”

“You have to trust in Iniesta’s words. There are two options when you reach the end of your career: one is to retire at Barca, and the other is to try something new, like Xavi. But only Iniesta can decide that.”

Iniesta says he will sign under certain conditions

Earlier last week Iniesta offered some insight on the situation regarding his contract. The 32-year-old says he is focused exclusively on winning trophies for Barcelona. His decision to remain at the club will depend on the role he is to play in securing future achievements for the club.

“Anyone can guess but I have been clear about this [my renewal]. Now the only thing I am worried about is our title aims,” Iniesta said on Thursday.

“After the season we will review everything, both personal and the club’s side, and that’s it. I am not saying I won’t renew my contract. I want to finish my career here but that will be decided by my performances on the pitch and my feelings.”

“I won’t stay here if I am not important for the club. That’s clear.”

Héroe!!! Grande!!!

— Andrés Iniesta (@andresiniesta8) March 9, 2017

Barcelona are still in the running to securing a treble of trophies. They overturned an initial 4-0 defeat against PSG to qualify to the Quarterfinals of the Champions League. In La Liga they are second, five points behind leaders Real. However, with plenty of the season still to be played, Enrique feels that the contest will go on until the very end. “We’re still involved in deciding this LaLiga and, as in previous seasons, it’ll be decided at the end,” he said. “I believe that it will finish in a very similar way to other seasons.”

Iniesta, at an event: “There are lots of strong teams in the quarter finals every year, it will be a great game whoever we play”

— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 16, 2017


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