How Liverpool can lose the 2020 Premier League title

March 20, 2020

by xfcedi

Clearly, we have been dealing with issues far more serious than football in recent weeks. However, since the Premier League season has taken an unexpected break due to the coronavirus pandemic, certain questions have been raised. Will Liverpool win before the season is through? Which teams are set to relegate? Which teams are set to promote? Here are the major theories.

Liverpool crowned champions if the season is cut short?

Mohamed Salah - Egypt

That’s one possibility, of course. According to reports, the FA was studying the possibility of cutting the season short and letting the top part of the table be determined by the club’s current position. This would mean that Liverpool would still win its first title in 30 years. They’re only a few points away from winning it anyway. Yet, the circumstances would somehow feel less special given the unprecedented end to the season.

Then again, others, like Alan Smith, believe it would be unfair to simply hand over the title before all games have been played. If that were the case, a realistic possibility would be for the campaign to be scrapped altogether. It would be a massive blow for the Reds and one that is rather unfair given how dominant Jurgen Klopp’s men have been this season.

No team to relegate?

Just as unfair, according to many, would be to determine which teams are to leave the Premier League based on the club’s current league position. With that in mind, the FA is already considering a 22 team league, with the current 20 participants all remaining in the top tier for next season.

Who gets promoted?

Marcelo Bielsa - Leeds (Championship)

If the aforementioned scenario gets approved, then the FA is likely to allow the team’s currently heading the Championship to join the other 20 teams in the league.

This seems reasonable in many was. But, logistics would make this very difficult. The football calendar was already clogged in normal circumstances.

Certainly, a lot of questions linger over the fate of the 2019/20 Premier League season. Our hope is that the medical issues confronting the world will be dealt with in due time and that football will return to its regular state.

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