Euro 2024 Cards in FootballCoin – Everything You Need to Know

May 30, 2024

by xfcedi

Euro 2024 Cards in FootballCoin - Everything You Need to Know

Euro 2024, the continent’s biggest football tournament, is about to start this Summer. With all the games included in FootballCoin contests, it’s time to look at how to use the FootballCoin cards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cards, their rating, and how they can help you win real prizes.

Euro 2024 in FootballCoin

It’s already a tradition! FootballCoin is nearly eight years old, and every European Football Tournament and World Cup held during that period has been made part of the game’s contests.

What are FootballCoin contests? They’re fantasy football daily leagues. The game’s users get to create their ideal team. Based on the real performances of the players that they choose, they can win prizes.

Every single game from Euro 2024 will find its way into FootballCoin contests. This means that you can use your knowledge of football not only to enjoy Euro 2024 games but also to win real prizes in the FootballCoin.

If you’re new to the game, you may be looking for a quick guide on how you play FootballCoin. We got you!

Now, let’s look at how you collect and use the game’s fantasy football cards.

How Do You Use FootballCoin Cards?

Football cards for Euro 2024 are used in the same way as all other FootballCoin events.

Every user needs to think of their ideal lineup of players. They’ll choose from the football games selected for each contest.

At the end of each contest, every one of your players will receive a score. That score represents how well or poorly they performed in real games.

For example, do you think Jude Bellingham will be world-class in England’s opening game against Serbia? Let’s say Bellingham scores twice, and you have him on your team. That’s going to mean a lot of points for your team and a good chance that you’ll win a reward.

Their team will consist of a starting 11 and 5 substitute players. Users can opt for various formations as well as players of different ratings.

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Free and Rated FootballCoin

Football players have their natural progression to the game. They start as promising youths and, ideally, become global stars.

FootballCoin works in the same way. Each card is rated from 1* to 5*.

The 1* and 2* ratings are typically reserved for cards of youth players and lesser-known footballers. The 3*cards represent better-known players. The 4* and 5* cards, normally, are of famous players and those who have won trophies during their careers.

In FootballCoin, the 1*  cards are free! The 2* are nearly free. They can be picked up for half a season.

Also, in FootballCoin, the 3*, 4*, and 5* cards are issued on FootballCoin’s own blockchain. They can be bought or leased using XFC, the game’s own cryptocurrency.

XFC is like any other currency. It can used in the game for transactions. But, it can also be traded for fiat (real money) in a cryptocurrency exchange.

You can only use 16 FootballCoin cards in one contest, but your club can own as many cards as you want.

In fact, FootballCoin includes a bustling market for player cards. Use it to buy the cards you no longer need or to make a deal on a hot shot transfer.

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How to Win Rewards Using Fantasy Football Cards

Winning rewards in FootballCoin is easy! Just get your fantasy football team ready for each daily event. Check the results after each match has ended. And cash in your winnings if you are among the best in the contest.

We promise that we won’t make it more complicated than that. All you need to do is use your football brain.

What are the rewards? You cash out in XFC, the game’s own long-running cryptocurrency. You can then exchange XFC for fiat, real cash in a crypto exchange within minutes, or you can use it in the game to improve your team.

With XFC, you can buy new player cards, set up contests to win more XFC, and do plenty of other things. FootballCoin’s ecosystem allows you to be creative and play as a manager, an agent, an event organizer etc.

When Does Euro 2024 Fantasy Football Start?

There’s not much longer you need to wait for Euro 2024. The opening game is played on June 14th 2024. The tournament turns for one month.

Every single game will be hosted in FootballCoin contests. Take part every single day, check your progress on the leaderboard, and enjoy your rewards!


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