How Good Is Christoph Baumgartner in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football, Really?

June 19, 2024

by xfcedi

How Good Is Christoph Baumgartner in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football, Really?

By Eduard Bănulescu

Christoph Baumgartner has been the subject of a lot of conversation surrounding Euro 2024 fantasy football. “Inexpensive and reliable” is what I keep hearing. But is it true?

here’s my verdict on the Austrian attacking midfielder after digging through the stats and analyzing his performance at Euro 2024.

Christoph Baumgartner in Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Christoph Baumgartner is, indeed, inexpensive in Euro 2024 fantasy football. Does this make him a worthwhile investment?

When trying to balance your budget, the answer is yes. This is because of two main reasons. 

ralf rangnick

First of all, while Austria has been relatively unexciting at recent tournaments, under the management of Ralf Rangnick, the grandfather of gengepressing, the team has changed.

Austria was unlucky to lose 1-0 against France, the most highly touted team at Euro 2024.

Secondly, while few Austrian players can be considered well-known stars, Baumgartner’s career has grown steadily. Baumgartner averages nearly a goal every two games for the national team.

Furthermore, he is a player who was scouted by RB Leipzig’s established department. And while his performances in the Bundesliga have not been earth-shattering, the player is growing.

In FootballCoin Euro 2024 fantasy football, Christoph Baumgartner is a rare find. The player is free to choose by any manager as he is still rated 2* out of 5*.

In the game against Austria, he made 23 successful passes, 3 tackles, and had 1 shot off goal. Furthermore, he played the entire 90 minutes. 

baumgartner footballcoin

Christoph Baumgartner Stats

Christoph Baumgartner has done two things really well throughout his career: he has flown under the radar, and he has represented the Austrian national team. In fact, the 24-year-old has managed a whopping 15 goals in 39 caps for his country.

Last season, for RB Leipzig, Baumgartner managed five goals and one assist in 32 games. He has also been good defensively, being in the top 10% of attacking midfielders for tackles, blocks, clearances, and aerial duels.

Should You Pick Christoph Baumgartner for Euro 2024 Fantasy Football?

While I haven’t been excited by the Austrian national team for a long time, this may be about to change. They play aggressive, pressing football.

Christoph Baumgartner can bring the dynamism that the team needs up front. His recent form and stats suggest he is a good player.

No, he will likely not change your team’s performance entirely. But, for how little it costs to get him on your fantasy football team, then yes, consider Christoph Baumgartner.


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