Who’s your fantasy football goalkeeper ahead of EPL’s GW6

September 02, 2022

by catalin

Eduard Bănulescu

EPL fantasy football this season has become attacker-focused. This comes as no surprise when the likes of Erling Haaland, Harry Kane, or Roberto Firmino have been decisive in front of goal. Still, an experienced manager knows not to ignore the importance of goalkeepers.

In the FootballCoin game, especially, the scoring system allows goalies to bring plenty of points to their teams. Here are some of the players that you should be considering as your #1, and others you might be the best dropping for now.

Safe, and unremarkable choices for GW6

Ederson (Manchester City)

If you already own an Ederson card, it is tempting to play the Manchester City keeper. After all, he is a safe choice for the EPL champions and one of the best sweeper-keepers in the world. However, he is also a player that, on a good day, doesn’t get called up to do a lot of work. In a complex fantasy football system where the number of saves is important, Ederson’s likely clean sheet against Aston Villa might not be enough.

Alisson (Liverpool)

Liverpool’s form has oscilated this season. This, however, has also affected the performances of Alisson. A clean sheet against Everton isn’t as likely as it once was. Neither is having the Brazilian defend against numerous shots. Frankly, there are more exciting options available.

Goalkeepers to consider ahead of GW6

Dean Henderson (Nottingham Forest)

Wait, are you suggesting getting a keeper that just got six scored against him? This is what you might be asking and I will stand by my suggestion. Dean Henderson has been relishing the opportunity of once again becoming a starting choice. And, even on a day when Nottingham Forest is forced to concede some goals, Henderson is still a tireless shot-stopper racking up points. It’s no wonder that he’s the goalie that’s managed the most number of points this season.

Nick Pope (Newcastle)

Like Henderson, Nick Pope is a keeper that has waited for his chance to shine. As the first choice for Newcastle, a team that is very much on the rise, Pope is finally receiving his chance. The Magpies take on Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace in GW6 and the past weeks have proven that this is a sound option for your fantasy football draft.

Goalies that you should drop !

David De Gea (Manchester United)

Yes, De Gea was Manchester United’s top player last season. However, in terms of fantasy football, his form gives reasons to be concerned. It’s not just the occasional blunders, but also the fact that he contributes little besides the shot stops. Besides, GW6 will see the Spaniard’s form contested by a red-hot Arsenal team. This doesn’t look like the time to take chances on De Gea, and even Erik Ten Haag might not be doing so for long.

Mark Travers (Bournemouth)

There’s a thin line in fantasy football between goalkeepers that concede goals, but earn points by stopping plenty of other shots, and those that only get scored against. Unfortunately, Mark Travers, at the moment, fits into the second category. In the 9-0 defeat to Liverpool, Travers earned only 0.5 points in FootballCoin. It’s also unclear whether he will still be the first choice in GW against Nottingham Forest. Picking him should be out of the question.

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