Who is The Best Right Back in the Premier League in 2023?

July 14, 2023

by xfcedi

Who is The Best Right Back in the Premier League in 2023? Kieran Trippier (Newcastle)

By Eduard Bănulescu

The modern right-back’s importance in the Premier League has been compared to that of the playmaker of old. Yes, some of the league’s biggest stars play in this position, and today, we’re going to look at the best and exactly what they bring to this role.

In determining the very best right-backs in the EPL for the 2022/23 campaign, as always, we have taken into account not just general performance but their stats in fantasy football via FootballCoin. We’re confident that in this way, we’ll have the most accurate view of what’s occurred this season.

Just how important are full-backs, and right-backs in particular?

The focal point of astute football tacticians now lies in the fullback position. These versatile players possess the ability to assume various roles, such as providing width in midfield and augmenting numerical superiority. The significance of these footballers in 2023 cannot be overstated. Our attention now turns to the exceptional left-backs in the Premier League.

Throughout the history of football, left-backs have always commanded great respect. It transcends their indispensable role within a team, as their scarcity further amplifies their allure. Let us now scrutinize the players who left an indelible impact on the previous season of the Premier League and how right-backs can win managers titles.

Why does the left-back occupy such a crucial position in modern football?

Jonathan Wilson, a renowned sports journalist with a decade-long experience covering the World Cup, astutely observed that teams with exceptional full-backs tend to emerge victorious. This argument holds true for the race in the Premier League as well. Since then, their influence has grown immensely, particularly in terms of offensive prowess.

The Premier League currently boasts a collection of audacious tacticians from around the globe. Figures like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have delved into uncharted territory, exploring novel approaches to harness the full potential of their full-backs. Their focus has predominantly honed in on those operating on the left side.

Who is the best right-back in the Premier League in 2023?

Kieran Trippier (Newcastle United)

Kieran Trippier is the best right0back in the Premier League in 2023, without any shadow of a doubt. Trippier’s return to England has been much more fruitful than many expected. In many ways, it exceeded his time spent at Tottenham a few seasons prior to this one. In fact, in our recent Team of the Season, Trippier wasn’t only included; he was the MVP.

Newcastle’s wing-back managed excellent performances, scored once, and provided seven assists. He acted as the team’s much-needed leader. Regardless of how much money Newcastle will have to spend next year, Eddie Howe‘s team sheet will begin with Trippier’s name.

Trent Alexander Arnold (Liverpool)

Trent Alexander Arnold had the best and the worst season of his career. On the one hand, he made the Team of the Season once more and provided nine assists in the EPL. On the other hand, he was often criticized for defensive weaknesses, lost his spot in the England national team, and was moved by Jurgen Klopp into a role where he contributes more to Liverpool’s midfield structure.

Diogo Dalot (Manchester United)

Diogo Dalot had never been convincing as a Manchester United starter in the past. However, this season, moved on to the right flank, the Portuguese proved to be one of the best full-backs in the world. His performances were consistent, but in 2024 he’ll need to prove that this was not all a one-season wonder phenomenon.

Ben White (Arsenal)

Ben White is symbolic of Arsenal’s fighting spirit and Mikel Arteta’s propensity to trust young players. White made 38 appearances in the EPL, assisted five goals, and scored twice. While he is not the most technically and physically gifted, White has shown to be dependable and disciplined, qualities that Arteta admires.

Kyle Walker (Manchester City)

Kyle Walker deserves mention because of Manchester City’s dominance over European football this season. However, Walker did not have a great season. He often lost his place in the lineup with Pep Guardiola choosing Manuel Akanji, technically a center-back, to replace him in the Champions League final.

Reece James (Chelsea)

Reece James, like Walker, is clearly one of the best right-backs in the EPL. However, he had a poor season, as did Chelsea. I’m adding him to the list only because we should get used to seeing his name on such lists for years to come.


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