Salah’s arrival may affect Liverpool’s formation

July 02, 2017

by xfcedi

Salah's arrival may affect Liverpool's formation

The recent arrival of winger Mohamed Salah may determine Jurgen Klopp to operate some changes to the team’s formation for the new season.

Klopp says that he has not yet decided on exactly what his tactics are going to be for the 2017-18 new season. Liverpool has thus far made two important additions to the squad. Salah arrived from Roma for a fee of around  €50million. Liverpool has also brought in the young forward Dominic Solanke from Chelsea.

Salah arrived from Roma for a fee of around  €50million.

The Premier League side is hoping to improve on last season, where their performances solicited plenty of enthusiasm from fans. The team will also see themselves having to manage being involved in the Champions League besides the domestic competitions.

Klopp says he is still debating which formation will suit his team the best but hopes that the squad he has available right now will permit him a high degree of flexibility.

“Tactically-wise, getting more flexible – depending who is there and when – and introducing different systems. [In 2015-16], we played most of the time kind of 4-2-3-1, [in 2016-17] most of the time 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. In our opinion, it fitted best to the players we had. I’m not sure which way we have to play next year, there will be a few different ones,” Klopp is quoted as saying on the team’s official website.

Salah's arrival at Liverpool has thrilled the side's fans. His transfer is seen a clear signal of the club's ambitions for the recent future. Manager Jurgen Klopp praised the player and his level of ambition.


The manager is not worried about the relatively low number of new players that have been brought in. However, he is aware that to compete in the European competitions as well, he will need to have more options at his disposal. This could potentially signal new additions to the team’s roster.

“And we will prepare for European football also, so we need a bigger squad of course. We will be good. I’m looking forward to it. Usually you always want to take the next step from one year to the next year. You have to see how things fit and when the new players are in.” 


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