And the richest football club in the world is …

January 04, 2018

by xfcedi

Roman abramovich and Chelsea among the top 100 richest football clubs

A new study lists the 100 most economically powerful football clubs in the world, and some of the choices may surprise you. 

Soccerex Football Finance has compiled a list of the 100 most economically successful, richest football clubs in the world. The list takes into account a number of factors. Some of the leading choices may surprise readers.

Manchester CityAccording to the ranking, the richest club in the world is Manchester City. Soccerex judged the wealth of the club based on elements such as the playing and fixed assets of the club, the potential owner investment, net debt and, of course, money in the bank.

According to the Soccerex article announcing the ranking, they have decided that Manchester City pack “the biggest financial punch on the planet”. City has enjoyed a great period of development in recent years. The current season sees the team leading the Premier League. Expectations are high for the team to deliver silverware.

Arsene Wenger - ArsenalThe second place in the ranking may be an even more surprising choice. Arsenal sits in second place, ahead of high-spenders PSG. The authors of the ranking argue that despite relatively low fees spent on transfers, Arsenal makes use of a “sound business model”. They also add there is potential for significant investments should the club hierarchy make the decision to change their business model.

The study also suggests that US and Chinese teams are making their way into the footballing elite, at least, in terms of finances. China has nine teams within the top 100. The US boasts having five teams within the first thirty  (the highest representation in this sector).

Neymar - PSGThe elements chosen to represent financial health are proving to be an important factor in ensuring the teams’ success. South American teams, for example, in spite of their great reputation do not rank as highly as their European, North American and Asian counterparts. The study notes that “economic instability is reflected in its financial position” in the world of football.

The study also suggests that the power of some of the super clubs is starting to decrease. Chelsea is noticeably low on the list, in the ninth position. This is in part determined by the fact that owner Roman Abramovich’s investment is listed as a loan. This makes the team have the highest net debt of any of the teams in the top 100.

La Liga giants, Barcelona and Real Madrid, are also lower than one might have expected, 13th and 6th. It’s argued their place is affected by “member ownership structures and the lack of potential owner investment“. Despite this, Real could become the richest club on the list should they capitalize on the stock market.  Foreign investment also plays a big role in the position of La Liga sides.

The study is a useful tool in showing who the biggest teams in football are at the moment. It’s also a sharp reminder of how big the industry of football has grown and that without the proper backing and a sound financial system, results are hard to come by.

Below is the full top 10 of the richest football clubs in the world:

  1. Manchester City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Paris Saint-Germain
  4. Guangzhou Evergrande
  5. Tottenham
  6. Real Madrid
  7. Manchester United
  8. Juventus
  9. Chelsea
  10. Bayern Munich


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