The Premier League goalkeepers you need for your fantasy football team in 2019/20

July 29, 2019

by xfcedi

In a league built on defensive rigor like few others, the role of the goalkeeper is vital. With the fantasy football 2019/20 season fast approaching, today we attempt to recommend the goalkeepers that could make you a winner in fantasy football this season. 

The established stars


Alisson (Liverpool)


A;isson - Liverpool goalkeeperTogether with Virgil van Dijk‘s impeccable playing, the Brazil goalkeeper helped make Liverpool’s defense a stronghold. While the 2017/18 Liverpool squad was impressive, it was the added defensive weight that helped them earn their Champions League crown and an excellent record in the EPL. Few reasons to expect anything less this year. And, should Liverpool invest in another central defender of van Dijk’s caliber, Alisson’s number of conceded goals this time around could be even less than last year’s.

Ederson (Manchester City)


Similar to his Brazilian counterpart that is defending the sticks at Liverpool, Ederson has brought something previously missing to Man City’s game. Not only has he shown to be capable of saving shots. But, here’s a sweeper keeper that can also play the ball and act as an additional central defender when needed. The Citizens are gunning for their third consecutive Premier League title and Ederson should be made a priority both for Pep Guardiola, as well as fantasy football fans.

The roll of the dice


David De Gea (Manchester United)


David de GeaDe Gea has earned the reputation to many as the world’s best goalkeeper. While his skill as a goalie is almost unsurpassed, some might hesitate to pick him for their fantasy football draft. David De Gea registered his worst season yet in 2018/19. However, a lot of that may also be due to the poor defensive form of his defenders which would make any goalkeeper’s gloves a bit shaky.  With Man United looking to improve squad and morale, De Gea’s motivation may improve and he may be able to live up to his reputation. And, word out is that De Gea is giving it his all in training in a bid to impress manager Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer.

The best deals around


Rui Patricio (Wolverhampton)


Patricio is not exactly an unknown. Still, his performance last season, as well as the Wolves’ as a whole, were remarkable and, frankly, surprising. Patricio helped the newly-promoted Wolverhampton side to finish best of the rest and with the 5th best defense in the Premier League. Confidence has grown in this Wolves side who are looking to possibly improve their status in England. With Rui Patricio keeping the gate closed shut, they may be able to do just that. Considering his status in FootballCoiun fantasy football, getting him in your draft is a bargain.

The Premier League 2019/20 season begins on August 9th. All of the league’s matches are set to be hosted through FootballCoin contests. With the competition fast approaching, its best to start on your fantasy football draft now. And where better to start than by choosing a goalkeeper that can give your side a winning edge?

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