MLS – Team of the Year – Best XI of 2022

June 09, 2022

by catalin

MLS’ 2022 season is in full swing. The popularity of the competition and the recent success of the USA team on the international stage is a testament to the development of football in this nation.

Even though there is still plenty to play for, we thought we’d highlight some of 2022’s best players. This is Team of the Year in MLS in 2022… so far.

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Team of the Season MLS 2022
Gil Carles fantasy football MLS

MLS Best XI in the 2022 season

Zac MacMath (Real Salt Lake) – 444 points

Zac MacMath has had his hands full this year. No, Real Salt Lake is not known for its ait tight defense. But, that has given MacMath an opportunity to work and make his abilities known. New England Revolution’s Matt Turner might be the league’s most famous keeper. But, we opt for MacMath for his shot-saving abilities and his touch on the ball.

Kahlina Kristijan (Charlotte FC) – 397 points

The Croatian is a modern-day sweeper keeper. His passing ability is almost as good as that of his defenders. This, coupled with his shot-stopping, make him a strong second choice for the MLS Team of the Season in the goalkeeper position.

Kai Wagner (Philadelphia Union) – 461 points

Kai Wagner‘s experience in the MLS is paying off in 2022. The German defender has been with Philadelphia Union since 2017. This year, they are battling for the Eastern Conference title. they are tied with New York City FC for the best defense. Wagner has greatly helped on this front. But, he is a modern ball-playing defender and one of the players responsible for the most progressive passes of anyone in the league.

Joan Moutinho (Orlando City) -429 points

Joao Moutinho might get often get asked about his career in England. But, make no mistake, the Orlando City defender is carving out a really good career for himself. The Portuguese defender ranks up the points through his excellent passing of the ball and ability to get himself in good scoring opportunities.

Alexander Callens (New York City FC) – 428 points

New York City FC remains the most attractive option for foreign players in the MLS. Callens, a Peruvian defender, has found this out firsthand. His team leads the conference. And, it is all down to the quality of the players. For his part, Callens is a highly capable defender. He is good on the ball, brave and able to score goals too.

Julio Cascante (Austin FC) – 423 points

If you are looking for a consistent defender for your fantasy football team, look no further than Julio Cascante. The 28-year-old is highly involved in Austin FC’s build-up phase, making a large number of their progressive passes. He also brings his great ability in the air in the service of both offense and defense.

Francisco Calvo (San José Earthquakes) – 420 points

Francisco Calvo misses the Best XI by a smudge. The Costa Rican possesses the kind of zest that makes love his performances. Not everything he attempts works out. But, there is a confidence to Calvo’s playing that has to be respected.

Luciano Acosta (FC Cincinnati) – 498 points

Luciano Acosta might soon want to have a chat with his Cincinnati teammates. The team is sitting at a mid-table. But, it’s not a reflection of this man’s abilities. Acosta has scored 5 in 14 games and provided 2 assists. He is one of the best dribbles in the league and his actions often lead to goal-scoring opportunities. Furthermore, he is also capable of putting opponents under pressure and providing great tackles. Acosta is a player of Premier League quality, and a great pick for your side.

Emanuel Reynoso (Minnesota United FC) – 478 points

The former Boca Juniors midfielder remains dazzling on the ball. Emanuel Reynoso is one of the best players to watch in the MLS this season. The Argentine midfielder often likes to lead his team’s actions from deep. His performances in 2022, easily afford him a place in the Team of the Season.

Hany Mukhtar (Nashville FC) – 465 points

The German midfielder is another player bringing speed and imagination to the MLS. In 2022, few players proved as technically proficient and as useful to their teams as Hany Mukhtar. the midfielder scored 6 goals, offered 3 assists, and easily enters the list of MLS’ best players.

Djordje Mihailovic (Montreal Impact) – 432 points

Djordje Mihailovic has a really bright future ahead of himself. The 23-year-old is another Stats King. But, it is easy to pick the midfielder out. This season he has netted 7 goals and provided 3 assists in only 14 matches played for Montreal Impact.

Pablo Ruiz (Real Salt Lake) – 423 points

The Argentine midfielder nearly makes the cut. Yes, Pablo Ruiz is one of the best passers in the league. However, he has just needed more of the final product to make the Best XI in 2022.

Gil Carles (New England Revolution) – 538 points

Gil Carles is the pick of the litter this season. The striker has been, by far, the best player in the MLS in 2022. The stats support this. There is no other player that you could have had better luck in selecting for your fantasy football draft.

Carles only scored 3 goals and provided 5 assists. But, he was vital in the development of the New England Revolution’s style. The Spaniard can simply take control of a game. His passing and his usefulness are unrivaled. Few players contribute to as many chances. And, fewer still are as useful to a squad’s performance as Carles.

Brooks Lennon (Atlanta United FC) – 409 points

The Atlanta United player, Brooks Lennon, really, has a role closer to that of a playmaker. As a consequence, he affects the game every time that he is on the ball. Lennon is an excellent servant of his teammates, and his actions often lead to shots on goal.

Sebastian Driussi (Austin FC) – 399 points

Sebastian Driussi, who has 9 international caps for Argentina, is already an established name in the MLS. This season, he just misses out on a place in the Best XI of the MLS Team of the Season. But, with a long season ahead, Driussi may still claim his spot. After all, he has scored 8 goals and provided 3 assists. Driussi is a very good pressing forward that you will want for your team.

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