The tactical versatility & fantasy football value of Joshua Kimmich

May 28, 2020

by xfcedi

joshua kimmich bayern munchen tactics joshua kimmich age stats salary height number

Joshua Kimmich, the man who struck down Dortmund with a single blow last week, is a player like few others. Versatile and energetic, the young Bayern starter, has drawn comparisons to some of Germany’s greatest footballers. Here, in a nutshell, is what makes Kimmich special on the pitch, his tactical awareness, and why he is a fantasy football favorite.

Joshua Kimmich in 2019/20

joshua kimmich bayern munchen tactics joshua kimmich age stats salary height number

Strong debut seasons are expected of Bayern Munich legends. As things stand, players either win their place in Die Roten jersey early on or none at all. Joshua is only 25 years old, and although it seems he’s been representing Bayern and Germany for ages, he was actually transferred to the Bavarians in 2015 from a pre-corporate-endorsed RB Leipzig.

Kimmich has been, for the most part, a starting player for Bayern since he arrived at the club. However, during the 2019/20 season, his leadership qualities truly came into their own.

No other player has covered a larger distance than the youngster (332 km at the time of writing). And, no other Bundesliga player has had more touches on the ball (2716 touches).

Kimmich, wearing number 32, started in all but one of Bayern’s league games, scoring three times and providing five assists along the way. He’s the team’s de-facto leader, seemingly cut from the cloth used to produce club legends Philipp Lahm, or Franz Beckenbauer.

Tactical positioning and main duties of Kimmich

joshua kimmich bayern munchen
joshua kimmich tactics age
Joshua Kimmich’s tactical positioning

Like some of Bayern Munchen’s greatest players, Kimmich’s style is virtually beyond comparison. Here’s why:

  • He was brought in as a replacement to Philipp Lahm at right-back but has proven capable of taking on other roles.
  • Since 2018 he has often transitioned to a central-midfield position for both club and country
  • Kimmich is capable of playing out wide, seeking space, and creating passing opportunities for his teammates.
  • He excels in terms of positioning, able to read the game like few others.
  • His technical control of the ball leaves little to be desired.
Bayern Munchen 2019/20 season joshua kimmich bayern munchen tactics  joshua kimmich age stats salary height number
Bayern Munchen 2019/20

Formally, Joshua Kimmich is a right-back, capable of playing as a central midfielder. Practically, he is a player capable of moving to all areas of the pitch and improving his team’s playing.

Kimmich’s greatest strengths

joshua kimmich bayern munchen tactics joshua kimmich age stats salary height number

Few modern players have a richer skillset than Kimmich does. His crossing abilities may have been his calling card. They’ve certainly served him well in the 2018/19 season when he assisted 14 times, mostly from precise, floated crosses.

But, as the winning goal against Borussia Dortmund last week showed, Joshua Kimmich has a subtle touch. He often creates chances, and his passing ability is unmatched in the Bundesliga this season. Simply put, when Bayern’s men do not know what to do with the ball, they send Kimmich’s way.

In defense, he is composed, yet aggressive, capable of pressing, or getting back into defensive shape when possession is lost. While not phisically imposing, Kimmich makes up by using his tremendous knowledge of the game to position himself.

Fantasy football hero, Joshua Kimmich

His wealth of undeniably remarkable football stats, make Joshua Kimmich one of the most important players in Bundesliga fantasy football. In FootballCoin, during the 2019/20 season, he accumulated 1100 points, making him the league’s best player this season.

What’s next for Joshua Kimmich? It looks more than likely that the player will earn another Meisterschale along with his Bayern teammates. At only 25 years of age Kimmich is in the prime of his career, and great achievements seem to be just over the horizon for the footballer.

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