FootballCoin, a proud sponsor of the World Arm Wrestling Championship 2019

October 31, 2019

by xfcedi

A show of strength, skill and endurance, the 2019 World Arm Wrestling Championship takes place in Constanta, Romania. The event, which is governed over by the World Armwrestling Federation, features FootballCoin among its sponsors. The Championship begun on Monday and runs through to Sunday, November 3rd. Here’s what to expect.

Dedicated athletes from across the world


The World Championship is an open invitation to all arm wrestling federations from across the world. Athletes from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia arrived in Constanta to battle for medals in their respective categories and age groups.

Speaking to the athletes, one could not help but be struck by the effort, dedication and sacrifices they all have been forced to make in order to reach their goals. The atmosphere at the World Championship was one of celebration. All participants were friendly, happy with the interest being awarded by fans and members of the media, yet all seemed in deep concentration on the task at hand.

Junior, senior, master and para-armwrestling competitions


Spread across seven days, the World Championship offers a chance to shine for all categories of athletes. Monday saw the teams take part in an Opening Ceremony where each team captain proudly carried their country’s flag. The Junior 15 competition was first to begin the proceeding.

The following days the sports’ best athletes engaged in physical contests meant to crown the Arm Wrestling’ absolute best. The Championships’ highlight is, arguably, the left arm and right arm competitions for the senior athletes. The finals are set to be held on Saturday and Sunday. Those unable to be physically present in Constanta for the event, may still enjoy it through WAF‘s official live feed, or through the broadcasts offered by the Olympic Channel. 

FootballCoin, a proud supporter of the World Arm Wrestling Championship


The FootballCoin fantasy sports game is proud to be among the sponsors of the 2019 World Arm Wrestling Championship. The values, the competition’s organization, as well as the global scale of the contest, make this the ideal event for FootballCoin to become involved with.

Throughout the competition, the FootballCoin logo could be seen displayed in the stage backdrop. While a different sport from the one represented in this fantasy sports game, the Arm Wrestling World Championship shares many of the core ethics that govern the FootballCoin game.


Text: Eduard Banulescu

Video and images: Iulia Vasile

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